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  1. robert91gt

    Rear seat identification help

    Helping my dad work on his 69' gtx we recently got. He's messing with the rear seat because it's just sitting there. The seat back doesn't sit where it needs to, and the seat bottom seems to "deep" to be able to push it far enough to latch on the floor. I didn't get any pics of the bottom...
  2. robert91gt

    SOLD 66-69 TTI pipe

    Do you know what p/n manifolds you ordered the pipes for?
  3. robert91gt

    WTB 69 b-body exhaust

    Then I still heed head pipes since I'm running stock manifolds.
  4. robert91gt

    WTB 69 b-body exhaust

    I'm looking for an exhaust system, manifold to bumper. Was looking at TTI called a couple dealers and no stock. All drop ship. Does anyone stock TTI or have any ideas? Not looking to be oem perfect correct. Was thinking about ordering a Pypes kit. But I still need the head pipes. Thanks
  5. robert91gt

    Mopars with Big Daddy 35th Anniversary show. Ocala FL Nov 5 and 6

    Wasn't much of a turnout. Seen all parts and cars in 2 hours.
  6. robert91gt

    Mopars with Big Daddy 35th Anniversary show. Ocala FL Nov 5 and 6

    I think me and my dad are going for the swap meet.
  7. robert91gt

    FOR SALE POR-15, 4 ounce cans, $15 to you door

    Your wording is poor and confusing. You could've said you have 4, 4 ounce cans to sell.
  8. robert91gt

    FOR SALE POR-15, 4 ounce cans, $15 to you door

    Pints or quarts?
  9. robert91gt

    FOR SALE 1968 to 1970 GTX/Charger/Roadrunner/Satellite parts

    I'm interested in arm rest bases
  10. robert91gt

    Speedo resto

    I went with Shannon. Thanks
  11. robert91gt

    Speedo resto

    I'm looking to have a speedometer restored. Where should I send it? 69 gtx non rallye, the needle is broke and the black background has a little rust on it. All the other gauges seem to work. Redline? Instrument specialties? Other? Thanks
  12. robert91gt

    WTB 69 GTX tachometer

    Looking for non-rallye tachometer in working condition for my dad 69 gtx.
  13. robert91gt

    Engine harness wiring

    69' 440 I'm cleaning up this harness temporarily. Prior owner added electronic ignition and a bunch of booger splices. I'm wondering if anyone knows what the red wire is? Looks like it's going back a cross the firewall into an unmolested part of harness. Could it have been snipped and omitted...
  14. robert91gt

    looking for dads 70 roadrunner RM23N0A107940

    trying to find information. I would like to locate, even though its a long shot my dads old car. he traded it in late 1984 to a car lot in Lakeland, fl because mom was pregnant with me, and was homesick, and wanted to move back to PA. he didn't want to drive it in the saltly roads up there...