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    Transportation thread. Wanted/Available

    Going to Carlisle? Have a dog in Riverside CA that needs to get to Gillette Wyoming, Oglala Nebraska, or Rapid City, SD. She is a show dog that can't be bred, so now she is a rescue of sorts. She is 3 years old, 50 pounds, and very sweet.
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    FOR SALE Duster + 63 Savoy wagon. Not mine

    I would go take pictures, but the cars are 60 miles one way. That, and there's an annual Mopar event at Dodge Town I'm checking out. I just looked at the Savoy offering and I know the red building in the background. I know it, but can't place it at the moment. It will have to stew, but if...
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    FOR SALE Duster + 63 Savoy wagon. Not mine

    Disclaimer: I do not trust this auctioneer. They put the cars up at the last second today as they believe a short time to view and consider items gets a higher sale price. They have lied to me. I go back because it is the business decision, but personally, I do not respect or trust them and...
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    FOR SALE 1995 Dakota 3.3 Diesel on CL not mine Hello, I have a very nice for the year(1995) Dodge Dakota SLT extended cab pickup for sale. It has a 3.3 liter Cummins diesel turbo charged mechanical injected 4 cylinder engine with only 33,000 miles on...
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    Lil red express in Denver, $9500 not mine
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    FOR SALE *** Another reminder about posting cars for sale ***

    Thank you. Is there a way to do it with Macs?
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    FOR SALE *** Another reminder about posting cars for sale ***

    Kiwi said: We would also like the OP (Thread starter) to copy & paste at least some text, and some relevant photos. Reason for that is, if the thread continues, but the listing expires, the pictures and text remain here as a reference for others in the future. That is something I would like...