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  1. 493 Mike

    SOLD Looking for a 9" Ford differential with 28 spline side gears.

    I know, I know but, maybe someone knows a Ford guy that could help me. I am rebuilding a 9" for a friend and when I got inside the diff I saw it had disintegrated some time in the past and tore up the spider gear seating areas (back side of T. washers really scored badly). It is a one legger and...
  2. 493 Mike

    WTB (Or rent?) RB intermediate distributor bushing install tool

    Installation is easy but, it should be burnished after installation to properly seat, size, and retain the bushing in the block. Mike
  3. 493 Mike

    FOR SALE 1976 Service Bulletin Compilation

    I do not need this. Anyone else want/need this book? It is in excellent condition. Make me an offer. Mike
  4. 493 Mike

    FOR SALE Vintage camera for sale.

    Early 70s Polaroid SX-70 with flash bulbs and one pack of film. Good for display. May still work? $25.00 plus shipping. Mike
  5. 493 Mike

    FOR SALE Mopar performance coffee maker

    I never drink coffee. Do you have a Mopar Performance still? I like whiskey! Mike
  6. 493 Mike

    FOR SALE Misc owners manuals

    Thanks for the rotation! Mike
  7. 493 Mike

    FOR SALE Misc owners manuals

    I have a few owners manuals to sell. 1965 (some water damage but, certainly readable) and 1974 Chrysler, 1969 Dodge Coronet, 1970 Dodge Polara/Monaco, and a 1955 Oldsmobile (my 2nd car). Asking $10.00 each plus mailing costs. Mike
  8. 493 Mike

    SOLD Good used car tie down rachet straps (4).

    I'm replacing my tie down straps-because I want to. The straps I'm selling have a little wear but over all are in good shape. They have built-in axle loops and sleeves also. I'm asking $40.00. Mike