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  1. 493 Mike

    I need to add lube to my Mopar manual steering gear?

    What is everyone using in the aluminum manual box? Evidently they are to be packed with a type of grease during rebuilding but, I find no recommendation for any "grease" in my FSMs. The early (60s) manuals recommend adding 90W gear oil while the later manuals say NO oils and are filled for life...
  2. 493 Mike

    Junk yard anti sway bar?

    Has anyone here tried a front anti sway bar off anything close on a early B? Just thinking about saving some cash by adapting some thing close. Lots of bars are used on late models now days, I thinking some thing may fit with out major fabrication? Any ideas? Mike
  3. 493 Mike

    Car Fix Fiasco

    I just finished watching the "pros" on Car Fix do a disc brake conversion on a 1965 Barracuda ( I know it's a "A" body ) and could not believe they were showing how to perform this modification. Vise Grips were clamped on the torsion and hammered to remove the bars, they torched out the bushings...
  4. 493 Mike

    Replacing front leaf spring bushings?

    Hi fellas, Has anyone devised a slicker method for replacing these bushings? I've used the torch mainly over the years but it sure is smelly and messy. Mike