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  1. 493 Mike

    1965 Belvedere 2 Dr.Htp. Windshield?

    Should my glass installer be having trouble locating a new clear windshield for my car? Mike
  2. 493 Mike

    1965 Belvedere HdTp. windshield?

    Is it hard to source nowadays? Mike
  3. 493 Mike

    What are these for?

    I just found these in my parts stash. They came off my 65 Belvedere and I blasted and painted them, probably back in 2010. I have forgotten their use. Look like shims to me and located somewhere where they got real rusty! Thanks! Mike
  4. 493 Mike

    1965 Belvedere headlamp bezel mounting?

    It has been too many years since I tore my car apart and I need help with the bezel mounting hard ware. What length plastic stand offs go where in the fender recess? Mike
  5. 493 Mike

    My solution for those funky top windshield trim clips.

    I think anyone that replaced a headliner in a 1965 is familiar with the 4 clips of which I speak. They were probably speedy on the assembly line and cheap but, are really a one-use item. Well, I had issues, so I redesigned the attachment, and it was simple! I flattened out the clips on a piece...
  6. 493 Mike

    Parking brake woes.

    Hi fellas, I am trying to install the parking brake in my 65 Belvedere but, can't hook up the cable end. It doesn't appear to be long enough to reach the clevis in the pedal mechanism? I don't have the original to compare and I can see no way the floor grommet can fit over the flange on the...
  7. 493 Mike

    Antirattle repair. FYI

    Hi fellas, I put the refurbished window regulators in my 65 Belvedere 2 Dr.Htp. and needed a replacement for the cloth tube on the door latch rod. I have seen many of these in poor shape. I just received 50' of 1/4" flexible wiring loom this PM and something looked right so I cut a 2" piece...
  8. 493 Mike

    Need help with trim clips!

    Hi fellas, Can anyone tell me where these (12) clips/mounts attach? I bagged them as window trim in 2009. Funny I can't remember them? Thanks! Mike
  9. 493 Mike

    Tail lamp lens screws?

    Hi fellas, Does anyone here have a source for the screws that secure the plastic lens to the lamp housing for my 65 Belvedere? They are designed for plastic and are self tapping. Mine are in pretty rough shape. You would think for the price of the new lenses 8 screws could be included. Mike
  10. 493 Mike

    Sail Panel Schooling Please.

    Hi fellas, I purchased a pair of panels from Classic Ind. and see several holes. The irregular center hole would be for the courtesy lamps but, is there a reason for the others? How do these panels fasten to the roof pillar? Does the courtesy lamp hold the panel in place? My head liner was...
  11. 493 Mike

    Power antennas?

    Has anyone here ever installed a power antenna in a 65 Belvedere? If so tell me about the experience please. Thanks! Mike
  12. 493 Mike

    Assembled my dash!

    My completed custom instrument panel. Mike
  13. 493 Mike

    2 DRHT C-pillar boards?

    Hi fellas, The headliner in my 65 was trashed/mostly missing when I bought it. Is there any type of board under the headliner where it covers the C-pillar (courtesy lamp area)? Anyone have pictures? Thanks! Mike
  14. 493 Mike

    65 Door Hinge Bolts?

    Hi fellas, Does anyone here know the correct placement and lengths of the different factory supplied door hinge bolts? I assume the bolts with the larger washers cover the square hinge holes but I seem to have 3 different styles/lengths in my hardware bag. This could be a problem with many years...
  15. 493 Mike

    Preferred left door mirror placement (HDTP)?

    Hi fellas. I see the drivers door mirror either mounted toward the front on the door or about 1/3 of the way back to the rear. Mine measures 31 1/8" from the rear of the door to the rear mirror screw hole. What does everyone prefer? I have time to weld up my screw holes before paint so I am...
  16. 493 Mike

    Inner Fender Splash Shields?

    Hi fellas, It's been 11 years since I removed these (65 Belvedere). Do I have the side shields on correctly or side to side reversed? Thanks! Mike
  17. 493 Mike

    1965 Belvedere Fender Install.

    Hi fellas, It's been almost 11 years since disassembly and I've lost many brain cells in that time so, are there 2 studs used during each fender installation? I bagged up 2 per fender with 2 large washers (captive) on 5/16" nuts. I know one installs bottom rear into a large U-nut. Where should...
  18. 493 Mike

    65 beltline trim?

    Does anyone know how the engine turning effect was done in the middle of the side and rear trim pieces on my Belvedere II? Mike
  19. 493 Mike

    July issue of Hot Rod?

    As I am behind in my reading I just saw a one page article on a 65 Belvedere. On page 44 is a neat restomoded Plymouth by Texas Metal. I just wondered if anyone has seen this car and would have more detailed info on it? Mike
  20. 493 Mike

    Sealing rear window trim?

    I have a leak into the trunk of my 65 Coronet sedan. I had the window professionally removed and replaced to allow me to convert rust forming in the depression below the window, under the trim. I used POR15 and top coated with body color. I didn't think the situation through at the time (last...