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    Happy Birthday Don Frelier

    :drinks::drinks::drinks: HAVE A BIG UN' MAN!
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    Pics from Back in the Day

    Wow, that's a bunch of slots. don't remember that many around town back then lots of Cragar SS and Torque Thrust D's.
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    From Ky 1976 Charger Daytona

    Welcome from Calvert City, Ky. :thankyou: for joining the insanity!:luvplace:
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    Heater blower switch

    '66 Satellite non A/C. Where to find.
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    Has anyone had luck with the Ram Man?

    I think there's an older thread on here about him, maybe 2-3 yrs. ago.
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    Not the last new guy

    :welcome:from Ky.:luvplace:
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    New guy checking in from Virginia

    Welcome from Ky! Thanks for joining!
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    Hey all!

    Welcome from Ky. My 66 Satellite is the same color. Is that QQ1 dark red poly?
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    Happy Birthday 1967Coronet

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    Custom Emissions Decal

    I'll take one.
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    Happy Birthday To dadsbee

    HAVE A BIG 'UN MAN!! :drinks::drinks:
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    one lazy turn signal light

    Grounds, Grounds, Grounds!
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    Thanks for adding me!

    Welcome from Ky. Nice rider/driver.
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    Shock pic please.

    Thank you!
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    Kick Down or Not?

  16. 66383

    Kick Down or Not?

    What would cause a late 2-3 shift, like 47 mph?
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    Shock pic please.

    Any one have a pic of shock extensions installed on your car? Thx.
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    Headers Recommendations

    NO more Doug's here. Installed a set last summer. Fit not so bad but flanges were not true, had to grind to get flat, also the welds at flanges were terrible.
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    FOR SALE cal custom shock extentions

    Still available?