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  1. IndySatLite

    Seat belt resto

    1966 Satellite, bright red interior, belts faded, wanna get the right color and restore them. Mine look like a wine color after cleaning. Are they supposed to be a bit of a contrast, or match the color of the seats? Thought about getting RIT, and they had 3 different shades of red, including...
  2. IndySatLite

    66 Satellite window regulator

    So, when I roll up the window on the passenger door, and let the handle go, the window comes back down a third of the way. Does that mean the regulator is bad, needs greased, which I have tried, or something else? If it needs replaced, what will interchange with it? Is there an internet...
  3. IndySatLite

    66 Satellite AT console

    So, this is the console in my 66 Satellite. Is it correct? If so, is there a specific paint to use for touchup on the fins, chrome and flat silver colors?
  4. IndySatLite

    1966 Satellite

    Changed my screenname from Blades to IndySatLite. I've got some missing interior pieces and some that are incomplete. First is this high beam cover(grommet?) that's not all there. Second is a missing connector rod to pass.side sun visor. Are these available anywhere? Third, is 614 gold...
  5. IndySatLite

    66 Satellite

    IDK if this has a name, but it's a long plastic piece that fits above the backseat and above the package tray. The Satellite chrome piece also fits in the center of it. I'm interested in the name of it and the fastener situation for it: does it take special screws, and if so, what do they look...