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    Door moulding, 1966 Charger versus 1966 Satellite ?

    Charger= 2586298/9 Satellite= 2586268/9
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    Door moulding, 1966 Charger versus 1966 Satellite ?

    From a 66 parts book--Satellite and Charger have different part numbers for that moulding.
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    Recommendation for good fit cover for 67 satellite

    I recently purchased a car cover from Autozone.....I definitely would NOT recommend making the same mistake. The cover is still grossly wrinkled after 2 months use and made from a material so slick it slides off as if it were covering a junk of ice. The process goes a lot easier with two people...
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    1967 GTX fender tag

    Ahhh...I think you are correct.
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    1967 GTX fender tag

    I think the "4" under the "T" is 294 which is the sales code for sport stripes. A paint code under the small "s" is for horizontal roof pin stripes. I am curious what the "W" & "T" indicate .... 2 different paint codes?
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    1966 factory engine options

    You are correct that for only 66 B body cars, a "G" VIN would be a 383/4 barrel engine. However my post correctly states that in 1966, a "G" VIN indicates only a 383 CID engine. A 66 Plymouth Fury, Dodge Polara or Chrysler with "G" code could be either a 2 or 4 barrel. Only way to tell is by...
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    1966 factory engine options

    Interesting note regarding the letter "G" VIN for a 1966 vehicle. The "G" only indicates the vehicle has a 383 CID engine, not the carburetor type. "G" could be either a 2 or 4 barrel carburetor engine.
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    67 charger colors?

    I'm a big fan of keeping the original factory color. What is the original color?
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    Correct headlight switch - 67 B-body

    I have a NOS 2298855 headlight switch as shown. This switch has a lot of superseded part numbers including 2421453 which according to my 66 parts book fits 66 Coronets.This should be correct for your car. It's for sale if you want it. $55 + shipping
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    440 engine build codes

    Engine build code for the 1967 440 HP is "450"
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    1966-69 Charger Old Car Report Price Guide changes

    While perusing May/June 2017 and July/August 2017 issues of Old Car Report Price Guide, I discovered the following price changes listed in the two issues concerning 1966-69 Chargers. I own a 66 and 67, thus the interest. I have no idea if the amounts listed are realistic or not and really don't...
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    67 coronet breather

    Unmolested 440 Magnum in 67 L code Charger air cleaner. Has the pie pan with "440 Magnum" on it.
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    1966-67 B-body cars with 273 exhaust question

    Thank you for this information, Pat
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    1966-67 B-body cars with 273 exhaust question

    I know 273 A-body (64-67) cars have the exhaust exiting the rear on the driver side. I would like to know which side (driver or passenger) the 273 engined B-body cars exited. The 318 single exhaust B-bodies for 1966-67 exited the passenger side, but I suspect the opposite side for the 273...
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    Need Some 1966 Build Sheet Help!

    I have found in most cases that a letter symbol following a number indicates either a paint color code or interior color code. Examples: Build sheet 14B wheel code - "14" is the wheel itself according to size and or car model. For wheels, it turns out the "14" is not the last two numbers of the...
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    1966-67 factory 383 4-bbl equipped cars - let's see 'em!

    Very, very cool station wagon. I'd love to see the fender tag if you could post a picture. Thanks
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    1966-67 factory 383 4-bbl equipped cars - let's see 'em!

    I bought the black 66 from a person with a last name Muller in Glendale, CA in early 1987 or 88. Drove it home to VA and still love this car. Pat
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    1966-67 factory 383 4-bbl equipped cars - let's see 'em!

    A pair of 383-4 Chargers I have two 383- 4 bbl Chargers, a 66 and 67. Black 66 from CA was factory ordered with 383-4v, A/T, AC, PS, PB, padded visors, light pkg., remote mirror, 2:94 rear and radio. Still has the original 383 and the AC works. The headlights now rotate as designed. Never...