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  1. MalamuteJohn

    baseball withdraw

    If the Cardinals aren't there, its not baseball. But IF i were to care, I'd say go Tigers. :eusa_eh:
  2. MalamuteJohn

    This Entitlement Society Crap Has Gone Too Far!!!

    I hear ya OP, but a couple of things... NEVER, and I mean NEVER , recommend the evil empire [w**-M88t] . And really, I do my utmost to stay out of places like autozone - who advertise heavily that they do this crap- in the first place. I understand your frustration and agree wholeheartedly with...
  3. MalamuteJohn

    Check it out

    I think I see a pattern here... :) How cool is that?!? Thanx for sharing the photos - great cars all. [and is the next set going to be blue maybe? ;) ]
  4. MalamuteJohn

    Maybe find your old car...

    The program series is still in it's genesis. This company has apparently done series for the BBC and National Geographic among others in the past, [per their website] but no word yet on where or when this is planned to air.
  5. MalamuteJohn

    Maybe find your old car...

    [Foreword - Please excuse me Mr Moderator if this is seen as inappropriate or in the wrong place ; if so feel free to/kindly delete. I have no financial or any other connection to the film company and wish to provide this as information only to members here for their enjoyment and possible help...
  6. MalamuteJohn

    Garage Restorations Saving History

    "I just went out and kicked my garage's *** for not being as cool as those. :angry1:" X2!
  7. MalamuteJohn

    A yankie among rednecks and hill billies

    Damnyankee can't even spell yankEe....oh well...whaddaya expect. Grammatical and spelling errors aren't frowned upon TOO heavily here, welcome anyway and lets see pictures of that free Cuda!
  8. MalamuteJohn

    Classic/Vintage Mopar dealership pics

    Vintage Tulsa dealer
  9. MalamuteJohn

    Classic/Vintage Mopar dealership pics

    I just called Raceway Chrysler Plymouth up in Ontario. Told 'em I'd take the car in the ad ; no haggle, I'll pay their price. They said they didn't know what I was talking about and tried to sell me a minivan. The false advertisement suit is being filed as we speak... ;)
  10. MalamuteJohn


    Not to be argumentative, but I must disagree. First, the 'govt reserves' are in reality a political football, and not enough to alleviate the problem. Plus, its a one time shot - there does not appear to be enough production to replenish it this year should it get used. Remember too, that the...
  11. MalamuteJohn

    My dog got bit by a RATTLESNAKE yesterday

    Been away from the 'pooter for a few days... So sorry to hear about Buddy's misfortune! So GLAD to hear he's doing better! A little late, but to answer an earlier post, yes, I do have some experience with this and Mike the Collie recovered nicely. Swoll up something fierce for a few days, and...
  12. MalamuteJohn

    Hidden VIN Stampings

    My memory, which isnt quite as good as it used to be, is that there is one in the floor pan above the rearend. Dont quote me, but if you get the unibody tub real clean, look in that area. Good luck.
  13. MalamuteJohn

    The left for dead thread...

    Well, that Daytona Coupe is/was far from left for dead...it just sat for years and then was the subject of a huge and interesting lawsuit involving Phil Spector. The woman who owned the car DID set herself and her bunny rabbit on fire though...
  14. MalamuteJohn

    Drove A 2012 Camaro Today...And...

    Yes Mr Al K, I have driven them. My impressions.... In the V6 versions, the Chevrolet wins hands down. The handling is impressive and the acceleration is darned good. Brakes are way above average . Petrol mileage [claimed] is fantastic for the power and mass of the car. Little difficult to see...
  15. MalamuteJohn


    OK, I just spent 30 minutes typing a reply to this [I type slowly] and when I went to post, it said I wasnt logged in, which I was, [how else could I be typing a response?] and I lost it. I wasnt going to say anything, but basically EVERYTHING pturner says is wrong. I was stuck in the industry...
  16. MalamuteJohn

    Road trip/stranded in Denver update

    Glad you made it back - sorry it wasnt a better trip, but now that youve got it running, the road beckons! Really like the photo out the back window of the pickup. Thanx for sharing.
  17. MalamuteJohn

    road trip

    :popcorn: sitting on the edge of my seat...
  18. MalamuteJohn

    road trip

    Rock on! Man, if you can survive the #$%^&* airport, the rest of the trip will be a rollicking good time, regardless of car performance issues! Good luck, have fun. Looking forward to the story.
  19. MalamuteJohn

    Anyone here build scale models?

    Great looking model[s]. I too did quite a few when I was a kid, but none turned out nearly as well as these pictured. Lacking talent, i turned to collecting [prebuilt] die casts, as well as a few resin kits. Love models and old toys! Y'all just may inspire me to get a couple of kits and try my...
  20. MalamuteJohn

    road trip

    Hey! Congratulations! This'll be a great adventure ; and even if it turns to crap, it'll be a good story to tell later. Like Jimmy Buffet usta say "We do what we do for the stories we can tell.." These days, Mr tpodwdog's advice is sound - had the same thing happen to me once with a gasoline...