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  1. Hemi31

    8 3/4 Limit?

    Dana it is. 4.10 gear.
  2. Hemi31

    wo23 scoop

    Got a link?
  3. Hemi31

    wo23 scoop

    After searching I still cant find under hood pics. looking to see the size and shape of the hole to see if my air cleaner will work.
  4. Hemi31

    8 3/4 Limit?

    when I change it the gear will be 4.10
  5. Hemi31

    8 3/4 Limit?

    yup,thats why i asked
  6. Hemi31

    8 3/4 Limit?

    i didnt, just verifying before I destroy my current budget. Just keep it off the track till I can afford a 60
  7. Hemi31

    8 3/4 Limit?

    I have a 66 Charger with a Gen3 Hemi,727 with A&A valvebody and brake. Makes around 500 /450 to the tire and plan on a 200 shot of nitrous. The rear is the factory 8 3/4 housing, 489 case,3.23 gear and moser axles. Before go and spend $2800 on a Dana60 will the 8 3/4 survive or am I right in...
  8. Hemi31

    A helpful guide to quarter window installation. 66/67 Chargers

    I did mine about a month ago and wish I had seen this in advance. One of the most frustrating things I have ever done but they go up and down smooth now. Thank god its an air car cause I am never opening them again for fear I might have to do this again someday. :)
  9. Hemi31

    WTB .................tubbed car................

    Looking for turn key or something to build? I might be interested in parting with my 66 Charger roller. It has 33x18.50s.
  10. Hemi31

    Viper T56 install

    I have a 66 Charger getting a 6.1 and a tr6060 as a street car. We specialize in the GenIII Hemi cars so I am building the drivetrain as we would a modern Challenger and using a 4.30 gear.As soon as I get started I will post my own thread. This was a great read. Awesome job.
  11. Hemi31

    64 Polara Gen3 Turbo Build

    Pics or it didn't happen....lol
  12. Hemi31

    66' Charger Pro Street w/ GenIII 426

    I thought about it but I would have needed a $10k valvetrain to go with it.
  13. Hemi31

    66' Charger Pro Street w/ GenIII 426

    Slow progress but it is progress.I love when new stuff comes in. My Wilson came back from porting at Thitek. Craig did an awesome job getting the ports matched to the heads. Got to fit the wiring harness, coils, TB.....almost time to blow it apart and get the firewall done and engine bay...
  14. Hemi31

    66' Charger Pro Street w/ GenIII 426

    Ok back on this finally. The car has been moved back into the shop. The heads are almost done. Cam is here, mock up motor has been dropped in the car. I can start making templates for the motor plate mounts. Starting to make progress finally. Now if the NHRA guy would just get back to me with an...
  15. Hemi31

    66' Charger Pro Street w/ GenIII 426

    Not yet. I will once the heads are done. Waiting on AJ to send the dry sump as well.
  16. Hemi31

    Friends Magnum For Sale

    Wow nice car. Always wanted one. GLWS.....too much on my plate right now.
  17. Hemi31

    What size trailer do I need?

    I have a 20' enclosed with my 66 and with the workbench up front it's tight. I agree on a 24'. That will be my next trailer.
  18. Hemi31

    What is the one car you wish you had back.

    I wish I had my 40' Chevy back
  19. Hemi31

    66' Charger Pro Street w/ GenIII 426

    New shortblock done. Filled aluminum block, 15:1 compression. Heads should be done soon.
  20. Hemi31

    Member Rides

    My 66, work in progress. Soon to be a lot more progress. Gen3 mockup motor The actual block I am using Should be a lot of progress in the next few months. Here is the link to the build thread I started waaay back...