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  1. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    Im in so. Cal!!!!

    Hey been havin' so much fun here in paradise! This place is amazing & I really think Im gonna live here really soon! Will post pics. for u all soon! This is the realest place i've ever been! 4 all u So. Cal. natives out there U guys have it good in so. cal! Buy the way we trucked it by car all...
  2. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    sure grip price??

    Just curious what is a good price 2 pay 4 just a sure grip posi,no pig,no axles no housings,just the sure grip,thinking about selling mine to buy a spool.
  3. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    N.W Indiana Moporn!!

    Aside from this forum there is a small but great group of local "Mopar Or No car." guys that have been nothing but inspirational and supportive of my 69 sport satellite build,so I just wanted to share a few of the really awesome bad Mofo's that cruise the streets of N.W Indiana,Enjoy!! This...
  4. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    Wiring repop ???

    I need all the wiring for my 69 sport satellite 440 pretty much all of it any way,are there any companies that repop it all as a kit or will I have to track it down? Thanks for any help.
  5. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    Looking for a decent welder!!

    I am looking for a decent welder for body work and dont have alot of $.Do i want to buy a gas or gasless welder what is easier? I was looking at the eastwood model for $299 they have on there website,also looking at a gasless crapsman,what are the main differences? any suggestions I would like...
  6. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    Is $250 a piece to much for doors?

    I found some good doors for $250 a piece for my 69 satellite,the guy guarantees no bondo no rust they seem to be perfect,they are in red primer,would any one pay this they are just the shells.