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  1. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    69 coronet 500 trunk lid!!

    Looking 4 a 69 coronet 500 trunk lid surface rust is o.k. solid seams,corners,this is 4 a good friend w/ a pretty nice car,thanks guys!
  2. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    wtb 69 runner/satellite parts!

    Need the following parts A 69 runner/satellite trunk lid after wire wheeling mine found out there was alot of bondo in the seams looking for tight seams,surface rust is fine little dents/dings are o.k. Also looking 4 a set of 69 gtx tail light housings,chrome/pot metal surrounds,and lenses...
  3. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    WTB 69 RR/Satellite inner fenders!!

    Looking for a decent set of 69 satellite/RR decent inner fenders no rot surface rust or minor dents are fine.
  4. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    69 plymouth hood emblem!!

    I need a 69 Plymouth hood emblem,off of a RR,Gtx,satellite, I had a nice one until I turned my back and my idiot cousin tried removing mine with a screwdriver.Thanks alot!! Just the PLYMOUTH emblem is all I need!!
  5. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    69 RR tin taillight lens housing!!

    I need a pair of 69 runner lense housing, just the tin piece that surrounds the tail lights,for a good friend,thanks alot!! Must be very nice going on a show quality car!!
  6. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    69 383 distributor!!

    I need a nice working 69 383 original distributor,nice one for a good friend thanks alot !!!
  7. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    69 sport satellite grille emblems!!

    I need a good driver condition 69 sport satellite grille emblem if anyone has one let me know!! Thanks alot!!
  8. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    Anyone need a 68 runner grille??

    I know someone that has an immaculate condition 68 roadrunner grille mint condition center piece no bezels but obviously those are easier to come buy he will let it go for $250 which is a good price considering I actually just heard somebody say they paid $400 for theres I dont wanna buy it and...
  9. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    WTB All kinds of body stuff for 69 satellite/runner

    I am looking for the following body stuff, front drivers side fender no bondo,no rust,small dents are cool,surface rust is cool,inner and outer rocker panels,same deal and ready to put on and last I am looking for a good front drivers quality bumper, something you would put on your own...
  10. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    upper shock towers!!!

    anybody have shock towers in good shape for a 69 satellite? surface rust is fine,small dent is fine.
  11. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    69 roadrunner for a 69 satellite grille!!

    This is an original 69 roadrunner grille I purchased from this forum,it is in awesome shape all it needs is a little shine and a good home,looking to trade for a 69 sport satellite or gtx grille,will not sell just got an offer for $475 on it,would only trade for a satellite grille of equal...
  12. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    WTB o.e.m sheetmetal

    If anyone has good o.e.m sheet metal, for a 69 runner satellite or gtx going for a fair price let me know scratches are fine just no rot, fenders,door skins,or good driver condition front and rear bumpers! $$$ is an issue and amd is expensive.
  13. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    Just putting it out there....

    69 sport satellite no engine or trans want to trade with lots of new parts: 1. 8.75 741 rearend used and working fine 2. 8.75 742 housing used bare metal ready for paint 3. 69 roadrunner grille very nice with bezels original 4.original sport satellite fender emblems nice 5. 69 440 magnum needs...
  14. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    W.T.B. 8.75 housing with axles....

    W.T.B. 8.75 rear end for a 69 b body, dont matter what case 742 would be the preference,with axles and carrier housing,differential is a plus not a big deal if there is not one shoot me some prices must be in good shape and I will pay shipping to NW Indiana. pics are essential.