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    What is the best way to quit your job? Any advice?

    Got a job that just generally makes me sad and depressed. I polish medical stainless. It's a factory type job, put a part in a machine, hit a button, let it do its thing, inspect for flaws, do it again. I work with two people and the one guy hasn't spoken to me since an argument a year ago...
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    Any self employed people here? How do you handle health insurance and got any tips?

    Some more background. I am really unhappy where I am. I have no energy because it's a manufacturing job and I sit in front of a machine all day and press buttons. When I used to have an active job that energy carried over after work, now when I am done I just want to go home and sit. I don't...
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    Any self employed people here? How do you handle health insurance and got any tips?

    Going crazy at work. Don't know how much more I can take. Would like to go self employed off of one of my hobbies. Making the same money I am seems doable.......but I have a feeling by the time I add in health insurance it will be not so doable. What are the types of things you need to expect...
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    Need air drier recommendations.

    So I haven't made any progress in my 71 ssd build thread in awhile because my air compressor took a dump. Finally got a new one (Quincy qt 54) and was super excited to get back at it. Unfortunately my air drier set up was just as old as the compressor and died after just 4 hours of use. I...
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    Mopar Action magazine cancelled

    I hope they weren't one of the two I subscribed to at carlisle. I need my pooping mags.
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    Anybody know PA labor laws?

    The company I work for is supposed to be handing out bad news soon. Pay and or hour cuts with the possibility of both. Its a new owner and it sounds like they are trying to get rid of the old $$$ guys for new cheap labor. If a company says you are now going to make X$ Can you refuse? If...
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    Summit racing...... best there is to deal with period!

    I have tried Summit and Jegs, both top notch. My deals with Jegs were flawless. Had a lot more deals with with Summit, got a crappy h pipe and headers (both by BBK) Summit went beyond what I thought any company would. Exchanged the headers for free (warped flange) Paid my mechanic to cut...
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    The tall man is dead.

    Angus Scrimm from the Phantasm movies has passed away.