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  1. Tempest 455

    '69 road runner - No start

    Update on this: Tried just about everything possible suggested. Back to square one, I removed all the new stuff, put the old stuff back on and presto, it started! That tells me it's in the 50+ year old wiring somewhere. The bad part is, I have no idea where the root of problem is. But at least...
  2. Tempest 455

    '69 road runner - No start

    Brand new and checks out on ohms. Thanks for all the replies.
  3. Tempest 455

    '69 road runner - No start

    I worked on this for weeks and searched before I'm posting this, as much of what came up in searches, I tried. So I will list this in chronological order and see if any have some wisdom I have not tried: The car is a bone stock 50,000 mile '69 road runner. The car never had a starting issue...
  4. Tempest 455

    Holley MoParty - Bowling Green, KY - Sept 16-18, 2022

    Was a great show. Getting close to the Nats in the quality of cars there.
  5. Tempest 455

    Battery Relocation

    Thanks. However, shop that built car, guy before me did them. I did a search and does not appear they mfg them anymore. Company was "Streetwires". Looks like they were a car audio wire/cable supplier. I did find some nice other cables searching for top post battery terminal ends.
  6. Tempest 455

    Holley Moparty Bowling Green

    Missed it last year but going this year.
  7. Tempest 455

    When Is Your First Day To Mow The Lawn?

    One week ago.
  8. Tempest 455

    RPM Act. Save our Cars!

    I feel about classic cars like rifles. I lost all my rifles in a tragic boating accident. Lost my cars as well off a car ferry.
  9. Tempest 455

    65 Only

    Correct a number of them.
  10. Tempest 455

    65 Only

  11. Tempest 455

    INAUGURAL HOLLEY MOPARTY - September 18-20, Beech Bend Raceway

    Was planning on it until I saw they expect you to wear a mask in the bleachers.
  12. Tempest 455

    American Flag - wall art.

    That's very cool!
  13. Tempest 455

    American Flag - wall art.

    Have a buddy who is retired Navy. Doing woodworking as a hobby now. Made me this American flag for my garage. I told him there is a market for this kind of work!
  14. Tempest 455

    Splash Shields '65 Belvedere

    These are metal. Check link above.
  15. Tempest 455

    69 Roadrunner

    Almost same combo described as my A14 car. Except my stripe was not put on after paint and using steel wheels instead of Road Wheels.
  16. Tempest 455

    Splash Shields '65 Belvedere

    Can these be installed on a '65 with the fenders on? http://www.autometaldirect.com/images/6/251-1465-P_800.jpg
  17. Tempest 455

    Let's see your stance/tire combo

    I have a pic of me in my Dad's car like this as a kid. He had a Sport Fury 440 Vert in white. Was a cool car.
  18. Tempest 455

    Creative Photos of Your Car

    My Pro Street '65.