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    Windshield washers

    Does anyone have a source for the nylon nut that goes on the washer pump for the windshield washers. My pump bought years ago at car show did not come with one. Auto parts stores selling the pumps sell them minus the nut, (Oreilley's Advance Auto, Amazon). Hardware stores, Industrial supply...
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    Does the headlight hold open switch have two wires or does it ground thru the dashboard?
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    Trunk Emblem 66 Charger

    I bought a new trunk emblem (metal and plastic parts), purchased the gaskets year ago or so, and now want to install the emblem. How do the gaskets go. There are four circular gaskets and when I try to fit them in it seems the whole emblem is raised above trunk lid. Can't seem to find any...
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    Peak Trim Removal

    I have the trim removed from the J-trim in rear to the doors. I have also removed the nut on the trim piece at both ends of the door. I can't seem to pop the trim piece off and am afraid of bending it. Is there a trick to getting this off the car. Any help would be appreciated. TIA Charger Ted
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    A/C Ductwork

    I have a 66 Charger, 318, Auto, A/C. The a/c is working but I need the short duct work from the blower outlet to the center a/c dash outlet. Anyone have an idea of where I can get one. TIA Charger Ted
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    Peak Trim

    I am looking for direction on how to remove the peak trim on my 66 Charger. I want to have it polished. I read an article on it but can not seem to find it again. TIA Ted
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    Interior color change help

    All, I'm contemplating an interior color change to white. I am to talk to a guy tomorrow who paints interior panels. I know I would have to have the door panels, panels behind that, sail panels, seat backs and sides, trim strip above and below rear window and along top painted white. Other...
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    Brake question

    Had my brake fluid flushed this afternoon, mostly because I did not know what was in it when I purchased the car and I did not want to mix brands and types. Start with a clean slat as it were. The mechanic is very knowledgeable about old cars having 40 years experience and several of his own. So...
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    Windshield washer installation

    When I bought my 66 Charger in 2013 it did not have windshield washers. It did have the reservoir but that has since broken. I want to install the washers but how. Year one has a kit. Has anyone bought it and does it work and any good? The big question is, how do you install the squitter nozzles...
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    67 Charger for sale Not MIne

    Posting this as an FYI. There is a 67 Charger for auction at the following citation. Auto Repair Shop - Cedarville, Ohio BN21-07 (bidnowllc.appspot.com) the site is BidNowLLC.com. The car is rough. No financial interest and do not know anything about the car, just that the owner is a nice guy...
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    EL wiring

    Question for the EL experts. I have a small white wire coming from the A/C Heater controls that has been cut off by the DPO. I am assuming it is for the lighted buttons, (max a/c, etc) but I can find no place where it should connect. can any one confirm it's for EL and where it connects. There...
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    Fuel pressure

    I am beginning to tackle the vapor lock problem on my 66 Charger, 2bl, 318, automatic. In looking at some of the options, mostly I plan to bypass and eventually block off the mechanical fuel pump and install an electronic fuel pump at the tank and route the line away from running up along the...
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    Mechanical fuel pump bypass

    While waiting for parts for my A/C I began working on my vapor lock problem. More than a year ago I installed an electronic fuel pump near the tank. It has helped but I still have some problems. I am going to install an electric fan on the radiator and a return line to the gas tank. I would like...