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  1. mopar5150

    Newbie from Germany

    I am from the same generation as you (1961), I agree that we need to remember and thank those that have paid with their lives and limbs to so we may drive Mopars and speak freely. My family has toured the Midway many times and it never ceases to amaze me the number of 20 somethings who have...
  2. mopar5150

    New member leaving the “dark” side.

    Welcome from Southern California! The GNs were some of the best cars to come out of that era.
  3. mopar5150

    Newbie from Germany

    Welcome from Southern California! Beautiful Charger!
  4. mopar5150

    Hello, I'm new here and recently picked up a 1985 Chrysler Fifth Avenue.

    Welcome from Southern California!
  5. mopar5150

    New from Ohio

    Welcome from Southern California!
  6. mopar5150

    New member

    Welcome from Southern California!
  7. mopar5150

    New Member from Texas

    Welcome from Southern California! Pretty '70!
  8. mopar5150

    My 69 Coronet Welcome Wagon Thread

    Welcome from Southern California!
  9. mopar5150

    Old Newby

    Welcome from Southern California!
  10. mopar5150

    These people got big balls... Or they are completely insane...

    Dirt bikes, street bikes, mopars and 82 Airborne. Still alive although missing some parts. lol
  11. mopar5150

    These people got big balls... Or they are completely insane...

    My father used to say "when the mind is weak, the body suffers".
  12. mopar5150

    Who Likes Aircraft ?

    Here is the wife's collection.
  13. mopar5150

    Who Likes Aircraft ?

    Some Hughes communication history.
  14. mopar5150

    Who Likes Aircraft ?

    F22 prototype
  15. mopar5150

    Who Likes Aircraft ?

    How about some Chrysler rockets. A forgotten part of history.
  16. mopar5150

    340 Run Stand Fun!

    Here is us running a 5.7L on the stand.
  17. mopar5150

    340 Run Stand Fun!

    I would just recommend using really good casters as that makes a big difference.
  18. mopar5150

    340 Run Stand Fun!

    We used a similar setup except we set it up to hold the K-member so we could just lower the car down on it once it was ready. Was a nice way to break in a cam, retorque heads and headers and check for leaks.
  19. mopar5150

    Front End FRIDAY!!!

  20. mopar5150

    FBBO Mug Shots

    Hair, what the hell is hair?