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  1. ericisback

    FACTORY spec for 1970 hemi air cleaner lid

    From the factory, did the 1970 Hemi engine, in the Coronet, have any decals? Thanks for any info!!
  2. ericisback

    Please give me your feedback and opinion regarding this 1970 Superbee for sale:

    Please give me your feedback, opinions, and thoughts on this 1970 Superbee for sale. Specifically, I would like to know your thoughts on: -originality -value -visible issues -possible fake parts -stampings -any history you might know bout the car. Please feel free to post here, or DM me, The...
  3. ericisback


    Does anyone know who manages this website? VINwiz Decoder It decodes just about any classic Vin number I put in. I’m not sure who developed this, but it certainly is a valuable request source.
  4. ericisback

    L-Code vs. K-Code 440

    In 1969, what was the difference between a L-Code vs. a K-code 440? How was the high-performance 440 different than the regular 440? Did the L-code come standard on any cars, or was it just an option?
  5. ericisback

    Horn question

    Can someone tell me where I should start troubleshooting a problem I’m having with my horn - The horn blows when the steering wheel is turned. Thanks for any ideas! P.S. here is a photo of the wheel (tach has been removed):
  6. ericisback

    70 amp battery with red caps

    Any recommendations on where to purchase a reproduction of the red caps, group 27, 70 amp battery, for 1969 mopars? I know they are pricey. How long will they last? Thanks!
  7. ericisback

    Fun new video for an updated GTX commercial

    Fun new video for an updated GTX commercial, if they were still making them today:
  8. ericisback

    915 heads in a 69 GTX

    Is it possible for a 69 440 GTX to have 915 heads, from the factory? The fender tag shows a “915” engine code.
  9. ericisback

    V6* Sports Stripe (box 20 on broadcast sheet)

    Can anyone confirm that the examples in the photos below are the option code V6* “Sports Stripe” (box 20 on broadcast sheet)?
  10. ericisback

    GTX, Charger, Cobra Jet, GTO, SS 396, and GS 400 compared in 1969

    Here is a report from a magazine in 1969 that compares six cars. Interesting info. GTX, and Charger R/T are one and two.
  11. ericisback

    1969 Lynch Road production dates, and production numbers by color?!?

    Sorry for all these rookie questions. I AM trying to locate the info online before I ask here.... but... Does anyone know the 1st and last date of production for the Lynch Road assembly plant, for the 1969 model year? And finally, Are there production numbers for 1969 GTX's by paint color...
  12. ericisback

    Options A33 AND D56

    if a car has the A33 track pak option (with a 3.54 axle ratio) and the D56 option for a 3.55 axle ratio, which one does it get?
  13. ericisback

    Option code for these tires in 1969

    Can someone tell me the full option code for these tires on my window sticker? The car is a 1969 GTX. Thanks for any help!