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  1. Photos of my 68 RT finally

    Photos of my 68 RT finally

  2. 68RT_MarkR

    100 amp alternator damage my gage?

    Hi all. We just installed a Holly sniper on my 68 Charger. It has an electric cooling fan as well. (Id like to get rid if it!). Will be doing Vintage Air next month. I had my alternator rebuilt from 30(?) to 100 amp. I have not ran the 8ga wire from the alternator to the + battery terminal...
  3. 68RT_MarkR

    Help! 68 B Body. I can move my steering wheel in and out 1/2"

    Thanks to all that answered. Much appreciated.
  4. 68RT_MarkR

    Comment by '68RT_MarkR' in item 'Hood mounted blinkers installed'

    So very cool & bad A$$!
  5. 68RT_MarkR

    Help! 68 B Body. I can move my steering wheel in and out 1/2"

    Help! I have a 68 B Body with power steering. I can move my steering wheel in and out 1/2". I can see the steering shaft come out of the coupler 3/8 to 1/2''. The roll pin is in place at the bottom of the coupler. What is wrong? Thanks
  6. 68RT_MarkR

    Intermediate console harness?

    yes, I have the one in the photo. I need the one that connects from this one to the fuse block or where ever. I was able to get one from Dante's. Do you have access to wire/electrical should I need it?
  7. 68RT_MarkR

    68-70 Gas tank

    OK. no worries, maybe next time thru let me know. Thanks
  8. 68RT_MarkR

    68-70 Gas tank

    Is any one close to Des Moines, Iowa needing a gas tank? 68-70 B body. Installed new in 2019. removed this month to convert to FEI. $75. No shipping cause it smells like gas obviously
  9. 68RT_MarkR

    Intermediate console harness?

    Im converting my 68 Charger from a column shift to console shift. I have everything..... almost. The console wire harness (2 side lights & shift indicator) plugs into what? Is there another intermediate harness that takes it to where? Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. 68RT_MarkR

    68 RT Charger CA Black Plate Car

    Hello from Iowa. New to FBBO But been a Mopar guy for a long time. Im down to a 68 RT Charger............ drag raced 70 Challenger, had a 71 Cuda, 70 RR, and several other Challengers. Thanks for having me