1969 dodge charger in norway

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  • DSC_0138_5.JPG Hi here is a cuple pictures of my charger.
    It's a 69 With a 440. Procharger f1. 2 stage water injectors.Eddy heads. Crane roller. Je pistons IMG_20181205_112727330.jpg IMG_20181119_161902388.jpg IMG_20181119_161912089.jpg IMG_20181119_182822373.jpg IMG_20181006_141342715.jpg IMG_20180701_194530959_HDR.jpg DSC_0138_5.JPG DSC_0094_4.JPG DSC_0082.JPG DSC_0083.JPG DSC_0081.JPG DSC_0077.JPG DSC_0007_8.JPG DSC_0010_9.JPG DSC_0009_8.JPG DSC_0086.JPG DSC_0109_6.JPG DSC_0006_13.JPG DSC_0029_15.JPG DSC_0038_8.JPG IMG_20180701_194530959_HDR.jpg . Fitech 1200 kit. Champion rad With spal fans. Hydratech booster. Wilwood brakes. Moser engineering dana 60. Full hotckis tsv kit. Crt 727 transmission With gearvendor. Full 3" tti exhsaust. Tmi seats and autometer gauges.

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  1. multimopes
    Wow, excellent stable you have there. A nice variety, all awesome!
    1. raymond73
      raymond73, Jan 14, 2019
  2. FrnkNsteen
    Very nice!!
    1. raymond73
      raymond73, Jan 10, 2019
  3. raymond73
    Update on engine holley HP efi and edelbrock intake and 66 lbs injectors. I also had some problems w cooling som i have a new 2 row (1.1/4") cold case radiator that i Will Try this summer and Will also Try mickey Thompson ss street so we can Try to not spinn
  4. Cyty Slykers
    Nice ride, and what size tires are those?
    1. raymond73
      Its 235/60x15 on 7x15 magnum and 295/50x15 on 10x15.
      raymond73, Jan 24, 2017
    2. Cyty Slykers
      Thnx! I've been going back n forth for several months trying to decide what size tires I want to put on my 68 Charger with steelies...I like that full look on the rear/front.
      Cyty Slykers, Jan 25, 2017
  5. moparedtn
    How did you get interested in Mopars? I'm always curious to hear the stories.
      raymond73 likes this.
    1. raymond73
      Hi i Allways has been into us cars and had many mopars and gm's but Its something With mopars that creep under Your skinn and gives me a warm feeling☺☺☺ but when i was a kid my dad bring me a New VHS movie that was dirty Marry crazy Larry and after that i always wanted a 69 charger!!! So after some challengers and roadrunner and gtx and a bunch of different gm cars and over 30 years later since my dad bring me that movie it's a 69 charger in my garage!!!
      raymond73, Jan 7, 2017
      moparedtn likes this.
    2. moparedtn
      That's awesome. :)
      moparedtn, Jan 7, 2017
  6. joseph p.
  7. CalCraig
    That is fine looking Charger. Is the price of gasoline/petrol high in Norway?
    1. raymond73
      Hi and thank's
      Yes its very high its about 6.5 USD a gallon! 95 octan pump gas
      raymond73, Dec 30, 2016
  8. e-440
  9. bigbluedodge
    Beautiful car, and not a bad location for the picture, either!
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