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1968 Plymouth Road Runner Sunfire yellow, black vinyl top , silver and black interior. Was originally an automatic car but someone converted it to a 4 speed. I have replaced the trunk pan and have repaired the inner and outer wheelhouses. I am currently working on the quarter skin installations. Hope y’all enjoy the pictures. 19948152-B6CF-4486-9A18-A83DDE836C0B.jpegA09AA28B-4CBD-4FEE-89B0-B4980809DCFD.jpeg60815C19-20C2-4F46-B35D-34694D1780DF.jpeg1D90064F-B047-4D2C-983D-B8FA673F27E6.jpeg59148EB4-2955-4111-B67E-49052D79D131.jpeg2E26CBEE-A379-47DE-BFBC-83A279514040.jpeg88214E6A-60BD-40AF-8ECC-518426B0B9B2.jpegEEEA4122-BDE5-430D-83A8-EE1C3D3FCACC.jpeg021D18FA-F8C2-4D5D-949B-958BB5A51E83.jpeg82670F3A-C923-4887-8D3E-9BB49B6FB8E0.jpeg78A8DA77-8CBF-4E8B-9230-AC0BF33AF31D.jpeg14B42B6D-EC7E-4F80-B170-03CEB18E6964.jpegThanks. Here are some more pictures of the progress. Here’s my motivational poster thought some might like it
. Half way done with the restoration only 2 more Road Runners to install. Hers an update. Drivers side quarter skin installed. this is the last big piece to be installed. Thanks for looking 24E48059-8D1C-4047-B60E-4DC66586C03C.jpegCF1C2637-39EE-4579-ACC8-99515457B72F.jpegCF1C2637-39EE-4579-ACC8-99515457B72F.jpegB8364A75-72A2-48CD-AB09-3501F27F91DC.jpeg9E913FCC-93E7-4B53-867C-9CA9ADF3B720.jpegFDB1D925-5B1A-40E5-B5DA-0883059D1CB6.jpeg here’s a little progress had to fix the rear speaker cutout and started to fix the hatchet job on the inner fender well where the clutch s bar attaches. Closing it up going to put in a hydraulic clutch..Ok here’s a little bit of progress on the bird. Got a little paint shot. Re applied seam sealer to the floor pans. Cleaned and osphoed the floors cleaned the old insulation off the inside roof.. starting to work on welding up a lot of extra holes in firewall and engine compartment. Enjoy and thanks for looking. Here’s some pictures from today. Was able to spray the lizard skin sound deadner in the inside and sprayed a little yellow on the package tray

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So after a few months,I have finally got to work on the Road Runner. Here’s a few pictures. Started to do bodywork on the passenger door and hopefully finished up the rear quarters where I welded the skins on. Applied the Eastwood opti flow roll on epoxy primer. I recommend it if you have no way to spray primer on. Thanks for looking.


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Coming along nicely! Keep it up! ruffcut
Here’s some pictures of the progress on the road runner. Things will probably slow down for a while as I recently lost my job. But I will continue with the restoration as best as possible. Got some more yellow paint on and replaced the 22in. Radiator support with one for a 26 in radiator. Also primed the engine compartment and drivers side quarter panel with Eastwood,s roll on epoxy primer. It works pretty good. It’s a lot thinner than I expected . Thanks for looking . Have a great 4 th of July


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Nice work !


Most people don't really know what it takes to restore these car's. I never have added up what I spent on restoring my bird. Really don't care just get in it and drive it. Wish you the best of luck with the build. What motor are you running. Put the four speed back in my car that is what it came with. Love shifting gears. Thanks for the pic's and the insight on the build. :thumbsup:
Most people don't really know what it takes to restore these car's. I never have added up what I spent on restoring my bird. Really don't care just get in it and drive it. Wish you the best of luck with the build. What motor are you running. Put the four speed back in my car that is what it came with. Love shifting gears. Thanks for the pic's and the insight on the build. :thumbsup:
I plan on a 496 striker with the FiTech 6 pack fuel injection. 3:23 sure grip,vintage air,power steering and 4 wheel disc brakes. I hope that when it’s done myself and my best friend of 50 years will take it on the power tour
Your workmanship is very impressive. Look forward to seeing this one through to the finish. Best wishes!
Its coming along. going to spray lizard skin sound control inside the car tomorrow. I will post some pictures soon. also have been welding up numerous. holes in the firewall. thanks for checking up on the project.
The quarter skins I got from Year One come up over the top.
Got the last two they had "scratch and dent" deal.
First skins I've ever done. Was surprised that they come up over the top of the panel.
That's were I'm making the seam, on top.
Is that something people do?
Haven't seen any before.
They also go around the door jam and down to the pinch weld on the rocker.
But the tail light end will have to be cut and modified.

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