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1964 Dodge 440


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9:26 AM
Jan 29, 2018
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Midland Ontario, Canada
Just a quick page saver for now. Went to bed last night knowing it would be a restless sleep, but didn't think it would be so restless. 1:15AM my Niece called me to tell my Sister was dead. She was talking to her boyfriend on the phone and her end went silent. By the time the paramedics got there there was nothing they could do. Gone at 68. Why my signature line is what it is!

Despite no sleep, the Wife and I jumped in the truck at 7AM and went to pick up the 440. Just before I took the car for a boot I noticed an item in the corner of the shop that may come in handy to do a Super Stock clone and asked a price, said I'd give it some thought and get back to him. I went on my way, took a drive and started loading the car in the trailer. While I was doing that, unknown to me, the Wife went back into the shop and next thing I knew the "item" was loaded into the trailer.. paid for! She's a keeper, but you knew that already!

Car is a 10 foot'r that needs a lot of tlc and corrections, I'm allowed to get at that right after I finish Granma's basement daycare centre!

1964dodgepolara 014.JPG
1964dodgepolara 017.JPG
baby gates & 1964 Dodge Polaris 008.JPG
baby gates & 1964 Dodge Polaris 011.JPG
1964dodgepolara 024.JPG
1964dodgepolara 075.JPG
1964dodgepolara 032.JPG
1964dodgepolara 036.JPG
1964dodgepolara 038.JPG
1964dodgepolara 045.JPG
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Beautiful car!
show me another???
as far as 10 footer goes, to me it is a great car
Original Maxie cross ram?
all looks good
So sorry about your Sister
God Bless
Sorry about your sister passing.

Happy for you and the Ms getting another Mopar. TLC is what you do best. I'm in for the build on this one, too.
Beautiful car!
show me another???
as far as 10 footer goes, to me it is a great car
Original Maxie cross ram?
all looks good
So sorry about your Sister
God Bless
Lots of paint flaws, runs, small rust bubbles. Worn out emblems, trunk key "cover" is in terrible condition as are the fau signal light or what nots on the nose of each fender. All parts I'll have to source. Some things can be corrected, some to be lived with. A good driver for daily use as is for the Wife. She hadn't said much before we left, but once she saw the car absolutely loves it. Bugger is longer than I thought as well, or the wheels are in different spots. I drove it in to the Bee/Bird front wheel stops and there was still a foot of the car hanging out past the rear trailer door.
Condolences for your sister.

Great looking Dodge, love those early B bodies. Gotta rechrome that rear bumper, though.
Yep, it's Black for a reason.. nobody has any good ones. I'll have to have a good look at the back side to see if it's even a candidate for rechrome and if so I have a place @ $1400 or more...
Beautiful car, that cross ram will wake it up. I find the one on my 62 woke it up and the exhaust manifolds really helped to.
Sorry for the loss of your sister, I'm sure that took some of the joy of your car purchase away. May she R.I.P. and may God Bless you and your family in the grief.
Sorry about your sister.

Looks like you have a great car there. Nice gift from the Misses too!

The black bumper has to go!
Thanks Jerry. Kinda fitting that I took the car for a boot and the first place I found to turn around was a cemetery ! Maybe she approves..
Sorry for the sudden loss of your sister. That makes it very hard to take. That had to take a lot of wind out of your sail for the trip to pick up your new old Dodge. It looks like a very nice car. Thanks for the pictures. That is an exceptional wife that buys her hubby a Maxie intake and carbs! Joe Suchy or Jim Kramer can help you with bits and pieces you need for your project.
Sincere Condolences.

that Is one sweet looking car. Congrats.
Sorry for your loss Wayne...... You are gaining quite a collection up there north of the border:thumbsup:
So sorry about your sister Wayne, like posted above, it had to be a heavy burden on what normally would have been a fantastic day.
Car looks awesome in black. Told myself I would never own another black car, but that one is really sharp. I am really drawn to the triangle c-pillars on those models.
My condolences for the loss of your sister.
That 64 is really nice, congratulations! 440'
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