WTB 1966 Plymouth Satellite Top Fender Trim Piece(S)

Robert Bart

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Sep 21, 2021
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Cooper City, FL
I am relatively new to this forum and still learning my way around.
I posted this request on another part of this forum and was asked to post pics. Couldn't figure it out. Anyway...
I am looking for the driver's side rear top fender trim for a 2dr 66 Satellite. There is barely an aftermarket for this year car. I bought the car awhile back and then notice the top fender trim pieces didn't line up properly on the driver's side. Apparently, a previous owner replaced the driver's side rear fender trim but since they are side specific (cannot swap out the passenger side for the driver's sides) with a passenger side peice. It looks ridiculous. I thought about removing them all but someone told me if I filled the molding holes, they might shrink so that's out of the question. I am looking for a decent piece and if someone has a whole decent set or NOS pieces, I will consider those as well but the driver's side rear fender piece is my Holy Grail!
Here is the pic! I am not sure what those pieces are called but the Belvederes didn't come with them and neither did the 65 or 67 model years.
I have checked out some other post showing parts for sale but these aren't available and the mopar yards don't respond to me.
any help or guidance would be appreciated!



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Dec 29, 2015
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Tucson AZ
Ck your PM

Ive sent you a friend of mines number that has ( or at least had ) the quarter trim mldgs .
But they were damaged and will need a LOT OF WORK .
But if you cant find anything it might beat a blank
I have a spare but its the opposite side , unfortunately



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Feb 13, 2009
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As gtx6970 stated, I agree. They are most likely un-obtainable and if so, might be beyond useful repair. I at one time had a 66 Ply Sat that he now owns and I also had a complete set of them a number of years ago. Now sold so I cannot help you out. Every once in a while they do pop up but it is becoming extremely hard to locate parts for so many of our rides and their years, that it only leads to frustration and disappointment in the end. I wish you luck in your search but it might just prove to be the search for the proverbial needle in a haystack...cr8crshr/Bill:usflag::usflag::usflag: