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1967 Charger nothing works when battery hooked up


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Dec 13, 2019
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My Charger is a roller right now but has a COMPLETE wiring harness in it. I hooked a testlight to it and have tested every Hot connection I can see under the hood and they all have power…

Nothing lights up, no dash lights, wipers, headlights, turn signals, taillights, headlight motors nothing is working.

Ballast resistor has seemingly no power to it.

What should I try to make something work?

And something should work because when I bench tested the horn it works fine…
It has one of those key on the fender security kill switches and I turned that and it appears to have power. I’m lost.
There should be a dark blue fusible link from the starter relay battery stud which goes through the bulkhead connector.
Either the link is blown or the connection through the firewall is burnt up.
Start there.
Can’t find the fusible link do you think you can send a pic of where it is on your car?
It's connected to the largest stud on the starter relay right next the the bulkhead connector.
Your battery cable should have a positive connection which also connects to the same stud.
Sorry I don't have a picture which zooms in on that spot.
It wouldn’t matter that it has no engine/trans in it?
The fusible link is a very good possibility. Remove the bulkhead connection and look for melted plastic surrounding the large wire connector. That would be an indication of the problem. Poor connection due to corrosion.

You can also check your steering column connection to see if it is in good shape. When there is too much resistance in the connection (s) they overheat and melt. If you can’t remove the connection easily that would be a red flag.
Poor connection Sometimes cause an electrical fire. Look at the insulation of the main feed wire and see if it is distorted/melted from heat. Another red flag. Also make sure you ammeter dash gauge connections are tight.

Hopefully it’s just a poor ground or no ground at all for the battery. Ground to the body somewhere making sure it is bare metal not painted.

Good luck.