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1967 Coronet rear window trim


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Sep 15, 2020
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San Antonio , Texas
Hello everyone and happy new year!

In a recent road-trip on the coronet I noticed the lower chrome trim on the rear window was lifted a little. Once I got home I inspected it and seemed like it had lifted away from the window seal. I can lift it enough to notice there was dirt and debris in there preventing me from pushing it back down. I was able to clean the groove and can push the trim down, but it will not stay. Not sure if the clips are gone or if there is more dirt in the way. Can I remove it completely without removing the side trim? The lower trim slides underneath the sides but it seems like I can lift it enough from the middle to pull completely out. If there are no clips in there can I use an adhesive to install it back in? Thanks everyone.




You should be able to see the clips. One side piece should have the lower clip released so it can lift away for the lower piece to come out without kinking it.
The clips have rusted away. So if you remove the side pieces they will no longer be attached to the car.

The lower piece should flex enough to remove it with the sides in place, but be careful doing so.

remove all the dirt and residue out of the channel and get it dry so the adhesive will stick.
Adhesive promotes rust. Sure you can stick it down, but if the clips are rusted away, you probably already have a leak into the trunk. I would fix it right the first time so that you don't have more issues down the road. My opinion ofcourse.
Remove the trim, clean thoroughly and see what is wrong. If the clips are rusted away, remove the rear glass and do any repairs needed to the lower channel, then replace the clips and then the rear glass. Then clean up your trim and reinstall.
I swear I just replied to this thread.

Are there two?
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