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1970 repo trunklid mouldings = don't waste your money

Chris Many

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FBBO Gold Member
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3:14 PM
Aug 20, 2018
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Highgate Falls, Vermont
So it cost me $200 for a repo trunk lid lower molding for 1970 Satellite Conv. Here it is with my original. Guess which one is original? This is a prime example of a crappy repo part that the market tricks us into buying as a "restoration" part. Instead of being a formed part made from thin aluminum stock that will actually fit, it's a thick extrusion that is machined to resemble the actual part. If it wasn't for the masking tape applied to my trunk lid for a trial fit, I would be repainting the trunk lid ! I suppose if I had the part before I painted my car, I could have beat it up with a hammer to make it fit and then paint around it, but come on people. Do you think we are that stupid !


trunklid moulding.jpg
Thanks for sharing. Good to know!
Wow! That's not even close to the same.
Cool. An unreasonable facsimile.
Thanks for the clarification. I was looking at one for my Coronet, but after seeing yours I won't bother.
you knew, somewhere in the back of your mind, while painting that trunk lid....... that not mocking up the repop trim may very well bite you in the ***