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1970 Roadrunner Deck Lid Bump Stops?


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Jan 29, 2018
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Midland Ontario, Canada
Does the 70 Roadrunner use a couple of rubber bump stops near the rear edge, or just the weatherstrip. Parts manual doesn't show a Runner deck lid (shows 5 other car lines) and of course the one page that's missing in my manual is the page that spells out part numbers for each car line.

If there's bump stops can someone grab a picture or two??... because the only holes I think could be used would be right on the weatherstrip location. Not sure if the body shop took them off to paint, or they were never there!

Here you go Wayne.


Thanks guys! That one makes sense and I'd played with that slot.. lol. I have one of those square blocks in a bumper bag.. will have to see where it's mate went!
I do mockups with the bumpers in place........ the gasket should squash, but a new gasket could hold the lid up a bit at the front; as it takes up any slop in the hinges, and could require a slight re-adjustment
Now the rear sits high. I'll let them squish a bit before i start carving! Thanks guys...
Set the latch and shut the trunk and let it sit. You will have to slam the trunk pretty good. Slam may not have been the best word. Lol
Let it sit closed for a year, especially in the summer heat. They will be just right.

Fresh out of the body shop so blow out and lube the latches and hinges.
Wayne, my truck lid left the factory not fitting on the right side 53 years ago. I chose not to change it 23 years ago when I restored the car.
I think the factory jig was off. Every 70 that I have seen including mine will not line up flat with the 1/4 on the passenger side. I did put the trunk latch in a position that pulled the deck lid down pretty tight. But to much and the drivers side will be to low. Jerry is right. They never lined up even from the factory. I had to set mine where it was the best it could be before putting on my stripes.
Mine was lined up perfectly on both sides until I put those stop blocks in.. LOL I'll worry about it after I have the rim seal in place.
My buddy was able to line his up pretty good on the passenger side but it misaligned the drivers side when he did.


Mine also sat high until I adjusted it by "massaging" where the pointer is using a calibrated knockometer....
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