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FOR SALE 1973 Satellite Sebring Plus, Unrestored Survivor, 1-Owner, Original Paint, 36k Orig miles

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Oct 25, 2013
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Just the facts: This '73 Satellite Sebring Plus was bought new from Murphy Motors in Hannibal, MO in 1973 by Mr. Galen Volm upon his return from Vietnam. He has owned this car ever since, at the exact same address, inside the exact same garage ever since, until I acquired the car last month. I spoke with him at length about the car, and he has sent me a signed letter confirming his ownership since new, and also confirming that the 36,000 miles on the car are original miles. The title to the car is from 1973, and lists the car as a new car purchase.

Being always garaged in the same place its entire life, it is as solid and rust-free as you would expect, with no rot, rust-through, or panels needing repair. Floors, trunk, and undercarriage show as original, with no issues and original undercoating still clearly visible. The car is finished in Tahitian Gold Metallic, and is 95% original paint. I did notice a small area behind the driver's door that looks to have been blended in at one time. I completed a tedious, hand-rubbed sand and polish of the entire car so as not to burn through the original paint, and it turned out very very nice. All of the wheel well trim, drip rail moldings, etc all still have the black inset paint that is almost always burned off on other "original" cars, telling me the car didn't sit outside in the sun a lot. There are typical age-related stone chips down low on the original paint, but zero rust bubbling or other issues. door and body gaps are excellent, and everything opens and closes perfectly, like only untouched originals seem to do. The original gold vinyl top is nearly perfect, and still has a crisp, clean glow to it. The only imperfections are some slight discoloration in the lower corner of rear window on passenger side. Emblems still show red white and blue paint, with no pitting of chrome lettering. Chrome front and back is excellent, with no pitting or any significant flaws. The top of one of the rear bumper guards has started to bubble, but that's it. The front grille and bezels are absolutely mint, and the rear taillight bezels still show the original argent paint, with slight wear noted.

The interior is completely original, including carpet, headliner, sun visors, dash pad, door panels, and upholstery. The only exception are the two vinyl seating pieces on the driver's seat, which were replaced some 25 years ago according to Mr. Volm, and weren't a perfect match in color. A few of the buttons have come off, but Mr. Volm thought to buy some NOS replacements at the time, and they are still with the car. The console, dash pad, instrument cluster, seatbelts and other small details are as nice as you will ever see in an original car. The rest of the upholstery is clean and like new. The driver's side door and rear panels do have some very slight discoloration, but not in all areas, and they are not chalky or dried out. Everything works inside. Gauges, wipers, horn, radio, dome light, even the key buzzer. The AC does blow on all fan settings, and did seem to get cold, but I tested on a 70 degree day, so not sure how icy cold it might get on a hot day.

The trunk has the original factory mat still in good shape, the original spare and jack, and Mr. Volm told me he never had either out of the car. The inside of the trunk, inner quarters, wheelhouses, all look perfect and entirely rust-free. The engine bay had never seriously been cleaned, but was really in nice shape given that fact. I did some minor to moderate engine compartment detailing, painted a few pieces, recoated the manifolds, etc. But the blue paint you see on the valve covers is still original. Everything under the hood appears factory original except for a few replacement electronic ignition parts, hoses, and clamps.

The car starts easy, idles nicely, with no exhaust leaks or funny noises, groans, or clunks. It runs cool, and it drives, turns, and stops like an original 36k mile car. The kickdown works and the 318 has plenty of power for what it is. Does not smoke. I have noticed a minor coolant hose leak under the heater control valve that I've not gotten to yet, but otherwise the car is in remarkable, original, survivor-quality condition throughout. The rallye wheels are not from this car, but it did come with 14" Magnum wheels with correct center caps and trim rings with nice whitewall tires, and those are what will go with the car. I've included a picture with the original wheels on the car.

As we all know, it is extremely rare to find any old Mopar in this condition today, with single-ownership, original paint, and such low miles. You know what they say: they are only original once, and you can't go back and make one "original" once that's been lost. I would love for this car to find a proper Mopar caretaker, who would give the car the kind of care and life it deserves. That is why I have posted it here, as it's more likely to find such a buyer than in more generic outlets, albeit I've advertised it elsewhere as well.

Asking $29.5k obo.

While that might seem like a lot to some for a 318 Sebring Plus, I'd encourage you to consider everything the car offers, especially when compared to the other "stuff" out there and the prices being asked for said "stuff." Like I've always told others, it's always cheaper in the end to buy a better car in the beginning, and I think this car really defines that concept.

A final bit of disclosure: As a semi-retired person, I do run a single person (me), collector car business, as classic cars are a passion of mine and I restore, recondition, and resell several cars a year (single digit amount). I don't do enough business or sell enough Mopars (none or one in most years) to justify having a business/vendor account. Maybe I could make a donation to the site if the car sells here, that seems fair. If not, and it makes me ineligible to post this here, then I understand and the admins can take this post away. But my hope is to put the car in the hands of someone who will show, enjoy, and keep the car in its current historic state, as once it gets changed, modified, cloned, etc, it will never be the same car again.

Thanks for reading, and please PM me if interested.










Many more pics and a 7 minute video walkaround available. Will listen to serious offers.
Is your Sebring plus still available? Thanks
Is your Sebring plus still available? Thanks
Yes, it is, but someone is flying out on May12th to see it, and since I'm out of town until May 10th, I've agreed to hold it until he's had a chance to review the car in person.
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