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    Jan 3, 2012
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    No title. Will sell anything off this car. Runs and drives great!
    -360 engine wire Edelbrock intake and carb $800
    -904 trans works perfect $250
    -all the interior is available like power buckets, console, shifter, tilt column etc..
    -all body panels are good and rot free. A life long AZ car.

    take the car as is $1000!
    In Phoenix AZ. Can’t ship large parts

    8481BE6B-B7A8-4A8F-A9B6-AD542F268AA6.jpeg C17C27C8-8147-46C5-88C1-169E2018EAE6.jpeg E60DFF51-AA22-417C-8B3E-7ED611DC2008.jpeg 072E2075-D4D1-4C1D-A585-B2EE625BED8B.jpeg 3A2CB3EF-3971-440D-9FBB-D1F0117D117E.jpeg 133948DF-8ECE-49BA-81C6-3B9EFCB01D12.jpeg 55D2F124-3E62-4A0A-9E56-A4A52A3D2C2E.jpeg 1C120CE7-ED3D-4CF9-9773-5BDD8AF03084.jpeg 1CDC690F-19DE-4ED8-B72D-0855AA810601.jpeg 81D99D04-BABC-42AA-B7E9-648D91838538.jpeg
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