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    This has been an AZ vehicle most of its life....and I am the 3rd owner. Recently received a 4.0L AW4 conversion. I used a 1996 XJ as the it is OBD 2. Since I lived at elevation...we had no emissions add a cat and the post cat O2 senor bung and it'll pass the sniffer. A/C was also part of the swap. I have the half hard top, plus the short and long bikini tops. Steel full doors too..The paint is worse than it looks in the photos...prep work wasn't done well...and single's not what I agreed to but after I was forced to pick it up...the shop closed for loss.
    It's sitting on a 4 inch spring lift, 33x12.50x15 tires (less than 500 miles on them) 3.55 gears, front and rear disk brakes, HD frame mounted tire carrier also has spots for 2 military style jerry cans.
    Also I am including the original springs, "Jeep" white wagon wheels, and a large supply of jeep parts. Vehicle is currently in Sedona, AZ ...but will be coming to Houston around the 5th of April. Hit me with any inquires and offers.

    $ trades.

    1208091246.jpg 20160310_171556.jpg 20160711_200310.jpg
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