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383 Mopar Purple Cam

Here is the 484... i know it's just a video.. but just to get an idea of idle quality..

And you don't want a .590 :) He was being sarcastic...thing sounds amazing though

That .484 sounds sweet! What do you have your timing and idle set to?
Back in the day I hot rodded a 383 4spd. I was lucky I didn't have major engine damage from constant over revs, just young and dumb. The best cam I ran was fairly small, [email protected]/.480 lift. The worst was a racer brown ssh44 (.509 is an ssh44 clone). The small cam was more than a 1/2 second quicker in the quarter. The more I cammed the worse my performance was.
Hello, I have a 383 Mopar that I am completely rebuilding, we are planning to put in a Purple Cam which should be a step higher than the stock one. If we do this would we have to change the pistons or would stock work better? I did some research and I believe the compression ratio for a 383 Mopar is 9.5.1, not 100% sure. I also read that it's recommended to keep stock pistons because otherwise, it'll run crappy unless running a high idle with a purple cam. If someone can let me know whether to keep stock pistons or get a different kind? Thank you
The engine builder (drag racer) that built mine put in a moderate Purple Shaft Cam (it was in the 80's and I can't remember the #'s now) and new pistons w/ 10:1 compression, block was bored .20 over stock. Idles fine, sounds tough, bad to the bone. He tried to keep it street-able, but just barely.
As far as pistons summit racing came out with a forged piston with valve reliefs and metric rings, Icon also offers forged 1/16 rings, KB has hypers with flat top or domes. Diamond also offers pistons if you what a premium piston. With small cams you can run a piston with no valve reliefs like a speed pro, but I would prefer the valve reliefs. Summit Racing has a nice search engine for conparisons.
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The challenge to get the compression up on a 383 is the big open chamber. The 383 we have currently is 10.3:1 w valve reliefs pistons and 74 cc iron heads.
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I have a 484 in my 440 with a 5spd TKO and 4.10 Dana.
I would not put the 484 in a street 383 personally without some converter and gear.
When you say more than stock cam do you mean the 2bbl cam or the roadrunner cam?
^^^Totally agree. Put that cam in my 383 and required a 3000 stall converter. It really came to life when I changed out the 8 3/4 pumpkin with 3.91 gears.
It loved gasoline...:lol:
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