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383 plastic on timing sprocket damaged

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4:11 PM
Feb 27, 2024
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I opened up the replacement 383 for my 71 Satellite wagon and found bits of metal and plastic in the oil pan. The sump was full of the plastic bits but I couldn't find metal in it. So I pulled the timing cover to check the chain and sprockets, and there was a fair amount of the plastic missing, aswell as some of the sprockets teeth where the plastic was broken where very chewed up. The crank has no end play to speak of and the rods all seemed to be pretty solid. I ordered a replacement timing set which should be here this weekend. What was the purpose of the plastic on the timing sprocket?
The plastic parts are the sprocket teeth or was that not obvious. The purpose of being plastic is a lower noise level - presumeably!
I suspect it was to keep it quiet and reduce harmonics. For your project you should consider replacing the oil pick up screen. Those chunks can get up there and can get damaged when cleaning.
And don't use an aluminum nylon toothed timing set again, get a good double roller timing chain. Yes to replacing the pick up, and hope the rest of your engine isn't damaged.
Check your timing to make sure the chain didn't skip a tooth.
Yeah noise reduction. You now have some plastic for your junk collection.....
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