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    i have to offer this 512 stroker motor made from a 400 block new 4.25 crank Manley H beam rods JE pistons with Moly rings Comp Cams double roller timing chain Melling HV oil pump clevite 77 bearings dura-bond cam bushing ARP studs and bolts 6 qt hemi style pan aluminum copies of 915 mopar heads with springs good to 600 lift. comp cam ,cam and push rods new rockers. fluid damper everything to make run located in SAN DIEGO any details please pm me I can get better description by phone asking $9500.00 LIKE A LOCAL PICK UP BUT MAY SHIP ON YOUR DIME

    20201220_152633_resized_1.jpg 20201220_152640_resized_1.jpg 20201220_152643_resized_1.jpg 20201220_152646_resized_1.jpg 20201220_152656_resized_1.jpg 20201220_152702_resized_1.jpg 20201220_152705_resized_1.jpg 20201220_152750_resized_1.jpg
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