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58 tooth reluctor series engine: efi and spark management-


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Aug 15, 2022
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Murphy NC
I have a 2008 6.1 in 1971 car. I use an intake no longer made- it was one of the first dual plane single four barrels.

The 32 tooth reluctor engines have been absolutely thrashed.

It appears Prefix is winding down. I've heard that they are putting their funds into a motorsports park, I told the source(David Aballo out of Michigan) that I doubt it is the same Prefix.Other than employing Jordan and Dale- I see no sign that they intend to start up production. Jordan will not answer my emails, Dale was kind enough to send me a manual for the distributor kit I have. It was shipped in an Arrow box, it very much seemed as though they bought Arrow's inventory, went through it and then "adios",
I know that a Mopar parts dealer in South FL told me "Oh they'll drop ship your kit" which I paid probably $1700 for, and then it was an unusually long time. I called Prefix and left a message. The Prefix camp never got back to me on a time line- it has been nearly a year, it may be a year. The guy in Tampa- I had blown about $8000 in parts from him and he stiffed me on the distributor using my trust that "Oh it'll ship any time now." I remember he said he had a complete Molnar kit and I called the distributor for them and the guy in inventory said: "The only way he has all that is if it is 2nd hand or if he's part of a pre-order." I know that the Tampa based Mopar parts dealer was getting all kinds of rejected transactions via his Square processor- he kept telling me it was me. I feel stupid.

That's why I am asking this:
I have purchased a 58 tooth 6.2 Hemi and I bought it with the transmission and all the factory wiring. I mocked it up in a B-body that was cut in half back in the 70's. I use it to test how to install engines, see how a transmission is going to fit, see how I will need to adjust pinion angle and also I can measure driveshaft length, at the front I can see the combination of the engine and k-frame. Measure a bunch, cut once kinda thing. I checked to see if I could have Park Reverse Neutral Drive- yes I tested with fluid circulating. I was told by a few people knowledgeable of the 6.2 and 6.4 that you needed to just keep the factory auto transmission and the ECM assembly and wiring intact. I did and no, no joy.

All I wanted was 1. Install engine and trans. 2. Wire in 3. Use the stock style shifter where I have park, reverse, neutral, and then you put it down in drive, it does its thing.

I did not find this possible or feasible to make work. I was told about the FAST controller for the engine. I saw an early production controller and the engine and controller were in a car with an intake from Arrow(Midrise with Multiport) and a NAG1 with an aftermarket bootleg controller. I say bootleg because the guy who designed it reemed out a group of people using a copy of the controller. I saw because it copied a prototype of his work.

Almost everyone in my area uses aftermarket 32t crankshafts and the MSD box. I have 2 MSD 6-Hemi's on 6.1's and one on a 5.7 Hemi. They're simple, they mesh with Holley's Terminator. Now, having said that, I am using SB 727's.

Is there a way to get the 58tooth era running without deleting the MDS and getting the gas mileage advantages ?

A-hole in a Hat in NC
I am sure there is a slice of the readership here that understands your predicament rather well, but to anybody who is not up to speed on the lingo, hardware, etc, many likely haven't a clue what is going on here, but rest assured they are not the ones that might help you anyway.
Hope you find the answers you are looking for, whatever they are.
To be somewhat gentle, your post seems a bit "scattered" IMO.
I agree with the above. You need to find another forum with more focus on EFI and electronics as well as those hemi's. Good luck.
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