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62 Fury - Advise on 413, 426 Wedge or 440

JMO I would locate 413 M/T from a 62 NY or imperial.
That way you could use the
push button trans.
Reproduction max wedge headers.
Downfall here is that '62 C-bodies retained the rear emergency brake drum instead of regular park mechanism. '63's were O.K.
You could use the 440 you already have. It does not sound that it going to be stock appearing anyway. Pistons in different compression heights are still readily available for 440's. Your '77 block would only be about 8.0 compression, with the piston tops quite a ways down in the hole, unless someone has modified it. If you are putting an Edelbrock top end on it, you could always paint this factory engine colour to disguise it. You could also put repro '62 Max Wedge Super Stock valve cover stickers on it to continue the subterfuge.
balance the bottom end, factory grind camshaft, and you'll get all the tickets you want
Freshen the 440. Put 413 decals on the valve covers. That's what I did with my 440 powered 62 savoy.
(Oops. Dave6T4 beat me to it....)
What they said. Go with the 440. You can go with a Ramchargers look or whatever you think looks cool!

Exterior 440 motor in bay.jpg
Thanks again for all of the suggestions. I will pull the 440 out, tear it down and send it to the machine shop to see what I have to work with!
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