64 Fury Instrument panel and speaker


  1. Bob Jordan

    Bob Jordan Member

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    Nov 6, 2019
    Pinckney, MI
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    5:10 PM
    So we've sent the radio off for repair and I figured I would pull the speaker and restore or replace. We're just looking to make everything stock with AM just like new. Anyway.

    After laying on my back in 15 different positions I can't reach the nuts that hold the speaker bracket in place. I want to take the whole bracket out in case we decide to mount a different speaker to it, so:

    1) any tricks to get to those nuts?

    2) Looks like it would be a lot easier with the heater controls out of the way, but they come out with the instrument panel - so can someone point us at a how to for the instrument panel? And by instrument panel I mean gage cluster - not the whole dash

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