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65 3spd manual steering column


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Mar 28, 2011
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I’ve got my original 3spd manual steering column from my 65 Belvedere. How do I remove the housing that rotates with the shift lever? It’s connected to the tube and linkage somehow and I can’t figure out. The attached exploded view does not show any type of attachment.

2nd question- There is an internal ‘channel’ inside the column where the wiring harness is routed through. It looks like it is for protection of the wires as they exit the hole and possibly to protect them from rubbing inside the column from the shifting and steering shaft rotation. See 2nd pic attached. Can the be removed and transferred to another column?


Answered my own questions tonight. After removing the split pin that holds the shift lever in place, the shift lever can be pulled out of the housing. The end of the shift lever also goes through the housing and into the inside tube in the column. So the shift lever holds the housing in place.

The wiring channel inside the column is tack welded to the inside of the column at the top. I did not try to remove that yet.


I gutted a 63 3 speed column from a 330...cut off all of the excess metal for the shifter and removed the shift tube from inside to build what looks like a floor shift column...

As tight as the protection sleeve and the wiring is it is a wonder there weren't more problems with them.

It takes a fair amount of patience to get everything back together correct...
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