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67 Coronet R/T convertible

it looks like a 20-30 year old makeover to me, and the panel fit is atrocious
My first thought was the old shitty lower halfs slapped on top of a non existent rusted rear-end.
I've got 2 coronet converts, 1 looks eerily similar
Hopefully it is not too far gone to save. Dodge did not build that many R/T convertibles. Final purchase price would have to reflect $$$ required to resurrect it.
If a dealer has it now, what’s the asking price?

There‘s no room left in that deal.
$36k at Hershey. No clue if that’s with commission or hammer.

Drag it to FL.

Run it, lane fees.

Break even for the seller is now $40k. That means the buyer at Mecum needs ~$50k for the seller to make no money.

I thought $36k was generous.
Someone did a hack job on the rear quarters and that's why the WLM's aren't on.
That's where I'd be looking.
Doors don't line up too well..

...or does the hood.

If the same guy that welded the quarters on did the exhaust :rolleyes:
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