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67 Limit Switch body wiring question


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Feb 9, 2023
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Alvinston, Ontario Canada
Howdy folks!
I am currently replacing my 67's body wiring plugs for the limit switches. I have ran into an oddball thing on the passenger side bottom plug. The other 3 plugs were all green or black solid wire(s) to female and black with white tracer to male part of the plug.If I take my continuity tester I can find ground on all black /white tracer wires. I wonder if before my time the connector on the lower passenger side was changed altough I cant find evidence of splicing anywhere. The green wire is the male side and black/white tracer is to female side( which I now find ground). I dont want to damage my new limit switches and wonder if I can just swap the wires or maybe the switch will work either way?Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Passenger lower limit switch plug 67.jpg
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