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68-70 B body hardtop QTR glass woes


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Aug 10, 2020
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Dallas, TX
I am replacing the door and QTR glass on my '70 RR hardtop. The AMD door glass fit ok. The AMD QTR glass not too good. Granted, the qtr window mechanicals were in a bag when i bought the car, but it was all there. I have looked at countless pictures and videos and am sure I have the mechanicals correct. The glass moves up and down smoothly. Biggest issue I have is that the leading edge of the QTR glass is about 3/4" shy of touching the door rear glass seal. And the qtr window regulator adjustment is maxed out forward. I have tried all of the other adjustments and all are strangely maxed out and is still not enough. The only thing left is the shape of the glass must be wrong along the perimeter.

Does any body have a picture of original QTR glass for a 68-70 Body? I am hoping to compare that to what I have. First attached pic shows the issue. Big gap. Also notice the emblem is not yet totally showing. Down too low. Next attached is the AMD qtr glass. The third attached is glass I saw on eBay claiming it is from a '69 Super Bee. That shape would work, but not sure the description is accurate. The shorter rear height of the eBay piece would allow the regulator to continue upward and that is when it starts pushing forward.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

70 RR qtr_edited.jpg

qtr glass_edited.jpg

rear side glass (003).jpg
Hey Wallace, how’s it going? I think something is going on with the 1/4 glass adjustments. Here is a couple of photos that might help you with reference where the glass should be.



I had hoped it was the adjustments, but not sure. The glass hits the rubber seal above and cannot go up any further. And it needs to move at least 3/4" forward to look like yours. You can tell it needs to up more because of the emblem on the glass. If I could get the regulator go up more, it starts pushing the glass forward at that stage. But it can't go up more because it hits the seal. Frustrating. I was hoping to get a pic of original glass to see how it compares to what I bought.

Perfect and thanks. I may be barking up the wrong tree, but just have to check for everything that can go wrong. I did find the part number for the frame and that is correct. All the other parts match the mounting holes with no issue. The regulator looks to be the same as what I have seen, but maybe there are a few versions? I can't find a part number on that. Looking for a smoking gun.

Somehow the glass is too high and hitting the upper seal before the regulator has a chance to throw the glass and frame forward to meet the door glass seal. Without the glass in, I can watch the frame move. I basically moves upward until at the very last when it moves up some but mostly forward. It is the last part that is not happening.

Have been moving on with the assembly on the purple people eater with the usual speed bumps. But this is more of a road block!
I will get some photos of the regulator also. I haven't installed the rear cards yet. I'll be at the shop in the next hour or so.
So the verdict is......The AMD qtr glass is too tall. Charles was a tremendous help and measured his original qtr glass. Comparing his to the new AMD piece, the new glass was consistently 1/4"+ taller. Only a 1/4", but it is that last 1/4" rise where the regulator moves mostly forward and only a bit up. When i removed the upper seal strip, it allowed the glass enough room to move up and mostly forward. The pics are with the seal strip removed. I'll have to figure out how to deal with this, but at least I know what the issue is. What a PAIN. Moral of the story, use your original glass at all cost!

new glass_edited.jpg

new glass 3_edited.jpg
The aftermarket glass is a mess. i could not get a vent wing window from Classic industries that fit. The cut of the glass is clearly different than the originals and left a 1/4 inch gap at the top of the vent window. Reinstalled my original but scratched Vent Glass. I haven't installed my door glass yet but I am using used glass off another vehicle, so I hope the fitment works.
Yes, it is a mess. Luckily, my vent glass from ECS was ok. I never did update this and will now. The Qtr glass was too tall by 1/4". My solution was to cut the arm of the regulator by 1/4" and weld back together. This is the arm that connects to the pivot bushing on the glass frame. Did that, everything is now prefect and all adjustments are roughly in the middle where they should be. That's all it took!

The ECS door glass had too much curve and bound in the front glass channel. Could hardly move it. The AMD glass was better but not prefect. The passenger side slides pretty well and the driver's side is a bit tighter. Good enough for me though and I am moving on. What a mess. Like I said, if you have original glass, USE IT!!!!
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