68 standard dash to rallye panel trim questions


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    First, a little background as to how I got to my dilemma here. I am in the process of rewiring my Coronet and am on the fence about whether to keep the original standard instrument panel because I do not want to use an ammeter. I know they can be converted into voltmeters but I'm not interested in getting involved with that. The rest of the gauges are looking pretty beat as well so to complete the job to the level I'm looking for, I'd either have to send them out to be refurbished or find new ones. Neither of those options sound great to me since the OE gauges don't do much anyway.

    So in lieu of A) going down a rabbit hole trying to fabricate some sort of panel to fit aftermarket gauges in a non-rally dash frame or B) creating more work for myself and buying an entire proper rallye dash frame, my idea is to get one of those plastic dash inserts and fill it with aftermarket gauges like Autometer/Stewart Warner etc. Problem is, no one makes a standard insert, they only seem to be available in the rally style.

    So with the standard non rallye dash, there are a few trim pieces that go all the way across the dash and down the upper half sides to cover the bezel attachment screws. From what I know, the rallye bezels and instrument panel utilize plastic pins that protrude off the back and get fastened behind the dash frame so there is no need for trim to cover it.

    In addition, the standard dash has different mounting holes for the individual bezels. I could drill new holes in the proper places but then I'm left with a series of empty holes on the underside of the upper dash pad. I suppose I could live with that but it's not my first choice. The two lower trim pieces are also different between the two types but those are easy to find. I realize I' d also have to get the rallye lower dash pad to complete the job.

    So before I commit to buying one of these insert panels and whatever else I need, would anyone be able to tell me if the standard dash trim piece that covers the dash bezel screws would fit over the rally dash panel itself? I'm thinking no but I don't have one on hand to see for myself.

    Or, if someone has actually fabricated an alternative instrument panel for a a standard dash, let's see what ya got.

    Thanks for any input.

    - Greg
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