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69 GTX Side Trim Reproductions


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Nov 3, 2021
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Boston MA
I installed a set of these on my friends GTX fitment was good.
I installed a set of these on my friends GTX fitment was good.

I was literally just looking at your pics in a different thread I found searching. Those look great. Do you recall if they were Classic Industries brand or OER? Thanks for replying!
Honestly I do not know. But knowing him they were probably Classic. Honestly they are probably all made at the same place. lol
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Are those the clip/drill locations? Thanks again
Yes.. well approximate. All of the holes were filled on the GTX so I had to find something to go by. This picture was on the web. I used those locations the best I could. The one at the trailing end of the door if I remember correct has a nut on the back side inside the door. The rest just pop in the hole and then you push a center plastic pin in to spread them and they fit tight.
I get the plastic clips but what are the 8 metal stud clips and caps for?

The clips on the right were for the ends of the molding at the rear of the door. Anywhere you have access to the back side. IE the inside of the fender in front of the tire and rear of the tire. The speed nuts go on the inside of those areas. I edited the previous picture to show locations for those clips with studs. These are the locations you can reach from the inside to install the nuts. 4 per side. I noticed this after I took the pictures and changed them to the metal clips with studs. If you look at my picture I had the wrong clip at both ends of the door in that picture. But I may have them in the wrong places too. I am certainly not an expert hopefully someone will chime in that knows more than me.. Please do double check with others to make sure I am correct. I may have it all screwed up lol.


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That's great info thank you. I'm going to try to see if I can find the holes on the inside since they are all filled on the outside.
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