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69 gtx

69 GTX

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Apr 6, 2013
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Milo, Iowa
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Here is my GTX getting blasted after sitting in the corner of my garage for 15 years.
Going to be asking for some help here from you guys. New 1/4s & trunk showed up last friday so will be starting on those right after I get the torque boxes & frame connectors on. Got the door hinges rebushed today so I can remount the doors for 1/4 alignment. Going to be a resto mod. Stock apperance with a monster under the hood. Wanting to be able to run 10's in the 1/4 with street tires.
Awesome, looking forward to following this.

It pains me to look at that pic though, put a mask and a hood on that guy! lol! Is that you??

Well I can't wait to see more progress. I do like me some 69 plymouth. :grin:
Good start on your "X". I see you're not that far from me. And agree, you need to put some breathing protection on for your own health.
Can anyone decode this for me? Curious as to what it has to say....

- - - Updated - - -

Had a good day, got the XV frame connectors in. I give them a c+ for fit. Outside of rail fit great, inside leg however was about .300 to long so had to trim the entire side on both pieces. Took about 2 hours per piece to get fitted up. Take the extra time to get a good fit with as little gap as possible it will make your welding job MUCH easier! US Cartool torque boxes get a B+ for fit. Took very little to get a good fitup. Welded up all the extra holes from shifter cables and other stuff over the years.

101_1845.jpg 101_1836.jpg 101_1838.jpg
Also got the buddy seat brackets welded back in. They had been removed some time in it's life, used the holes from when it was ripped out to locate it, leveled it up and weld them in. Next weekend I want to get the seam sealer all removed. The POR15 on and ready for the Lizard skin sound deadner inside & thermal barrier underneath. Feels good to finally be going back the other way with this project. Can't wait to start drilling spot welds and replacing quarters and trunk floor!

Looks like you've got a lynch road car.

Did it have a white vinyl top?

B5 with a white top, fresh air hood... That's all I can take a stab at of the top of my head.

- - - Updated - - -

Wow that floor is clean!!!
Great looking project you have started! Good luck on the build..
It had a black top when I got it. Had been painted red then back blue it again. It cost a little more to get it blasted but is so nice to work on now!
Nice looking car. I'm no expert, but will take a guess on your tag.
1969 Plymouth Satellite
383 automatic
fresh air
hood performance paint
white top
white long. accent stripe
blue door frames
B5 exterior
Blue interior
OOPPS, I posted the wrong tag! That was from my very first car! I will get the right one and repost. Man I loved that car.
OOPPS, I posted the wrong tag! That was from my very first car! I will get the right one and repost. Man I loved that car.

Sounds like a nice one.
Got all the many holes welded shut and smoothed up. Put the POR-15 on, except where I put some all metal to smooth out some dents from jack stands and jacks. After it hardens up I'll clean them up and give them a coat. Then I'll be ready to give it a coat Lizard skin thermal barrier. Trying to get as much done underneath while I have the rotisserie!! Thanks so much Scott for letting me use it!!!!

101_1846.jpg 101_1847.jpg
:confused1: Can anyone tell me if the front wheel well's are black or body color?
Originally they were body color, but so was the underside of the car.
69 GTX looken' good , great start to the project....
Think I may go against the OE grain and do them black to make the Mag 500's pop a little. Thanks guys.
69 GTX, hey it's your car, build it how you want to, I know always do... unless it's a 100% OEM restoration, then do it by the book so to speak, as long as it's done tastefully or if it's a resto-rod, pro-touring or custom, then put your personal touches/taste/flavor/colors into it... I'm more of a hot-rod/day 2 kind of guy & take liberties all over the place, when doing my builds, I rarely do what everyone else does....
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