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69 road runner


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May 17, 2023
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Just joined and wanted to say hi. I’m restomoding my 69 road runner I’ve owned since 1975. I bought it in 1975 when I was a senior in high school. It was my daily driver until the late 80s. I turned it into a drag car. I’m putting it back on the street now and going thru the entire car. It sat in the back of my shop for the last 15 years. I’ve been working on it for the past three years on the rotisserie.
That's a long time to own a car, must have a pile of sentimental value. Got any pics you can share?
That's a long time to own a car, must have a pile of sentimental value. Got any pics you can share?
All stock 40,000 miles, the day I brought it home.

Welcome from Alabama, nothing like doing it right. The adventure is on.
Welcome to FBBO from NorCal Sierras

cool story about the 69 RR

class of 77' here
Man, I wish I had kept just a few of the many MoPars/cars I had since HS
on my 13th 68-70 RRs (currently), a couple Satellites
my moms 68 Sport Sat. 383 4bbl 4 speed, she order new in Nov 1967,
I had it from 1979-1989 & have had 12 68-70 Chargers R/Ts,
a 68 Charger R/T GG1 & Black was my 1st real muscle car ($350 in 1974)
kept that car for like 15 years, sold 1989 it to my cousin
felt OK figured it was still in the family, then he wrecked/totaled it in 2 weeks
I've had a couple other A-bodies, 71 Demon, 70 Duster, 68 Dart 340
68 Formula S Barracuda 383 4 speed (I inherited from my uncle)
multiple years of Dakotas, Ramchargers (or Traildusters) & Powerwagons
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All cool cars! I had two road runners at one time both 69. The blue one was a fresh air hood car. Someone made me an offer I couldn’t refuse on it. Had 70 Chrysler 300 convertible that I wish I kept. Several 70 dusters and a 73 dart. Many dodge trucks also.
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Thanks for sharing your story and photos. Hope you'll post some updates as work progresses.
Welcome from Nevada! Awesome that you have kept your car for 48 years.