SOLD 70 B Body Pistol Grip Shifter, Mechanism, and Rods

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Feb 28, 2022
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Fitzgerald, Ga
Everything looks to be original. Non console handle. Mechanism moves nicely with no slop, just needs to be taken apart and cleaned good with fresh grease added. Brewers will send you a restored one with this core for $200.
Handle has scratches, could be rechromed for show. Called a guy here in Georgia who's been doing rechroming for 50 years or so and said it'd be around $200 with 8-10 weeks wait time and anyone else who is worth their salt will be about the same. The grips has a little piece missing thanks to shippers. I have the rods and the 890/891 operating levers, you'll need the 967 lever which Brewers also has for $19.
7174 Reverse arm on mechanism.
7219 on Handle.
Not 100% about the rods but they were installed on this mechanism, I just took everything apart to give it a light clean. I did not disassemble the mechanism itself.
$600 + shipping from 31750
PayPal F&F or money order
Thanks FBBO
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