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71 Bendix Master Brake Cylinder Meltdown

Here's my 71 Charger that originally came with power disc, this car has sat for over 15 years so, this could be the original booster or an old replacement from back in the day but once I stripped the old paint off the booster it was gold anodized so I tried to match it with gold paint as close as I could goin by pics of original and restored cars online. Any help?? Tryin to contribute something is all...not sure on piston/bore size but, I'll be figuring it out soon myself because I added a donor 8 3/4 rear end with 11in factory brakes and something's weird in the pedal. But so far from what I can find, these didn't come with 11in rear brakes with power discs up front, just the 10". I could be wrong though View attachment 1186142
I’ve done research on these boosters over the past 3 months. This is what I can tell you about yours. You have a Midland Ross single diaphragm booster, that was plated when new. The plating was either a goldish zinc or cadmium (it was plated with something, not painted).

My Booster is a Bendix single diaphragm, that was painted semi gloss black when new. 1971 B-Bodies either had a booster like mine or like yours. Unless the car was a Hemi, which got a tandem dual diaphragm Bendix booster.

What diameter piston should be inside our boosters, I don’t know.

Cars that got disc brakes on the front, got 10” drums on the rear (which my car has). Which now makes me think my car must have had discs up front when new, as if it was all drum, they should be 11” drum on the rear.. I doubt someone would have changed out the 11” drum back there for 10”, if swapping from drum to disc up front.

My car was built on 9-3-1970, at the Los Angeles plant. Fender tag only has one brake code B51 (Power Brakes). There is a 1971 Road Runner 383 Magnum (same engine as my car) that was built at the LA plant on 9-23-1970. It also has only the B51 code on the tag.

The Road Runner is currently for sale by a dealer in Texas. The dealer states the car has power drum all around, though it has a disc/drum master on it... This car was for sale locally in my area a month ago. I almost went to look at it as a potential replacement for my Super Bee.. The current dealer offering it obviously bought it from the local seller here. Dealer changed the wheels to Rallye, when it was for sale here it had steel wheels on it. It is white with black vinyl roof, no air grabber, non-matching drivetrain and no special options other than A/C, so I decided to forget it.