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WTB '73 Charger Center Filler for Rear Bumper

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Charger Fan

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Nov 23, 2017
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Looking to see if anyone has been able to locate a source for the rear bumper center filler? Classic Industries does advertise them but are out of stock and don't have an arrival date.
are you talking the plastic bumper filler in between the bumper and taillpanel
have a use one,didnt know anyone reproduced them,i know they reproduce the 73 74 roadrunner.satellite ones,can send pics if your enterested
I have one from a 74 but it's kinda ratty. Sun baked to the point of having a very coarse texture.

The one on my Satellite was starting do do the same thing, but it cleaned up with some sanding and several passes with different grades of body shop "scotch brites".

Bitch to ship because of length, though.
I had a couple of old ones that were not broken or cracked but were discolored. I have a new center filler piece and took it down to the paint shop and got them to mix up some flex paint to paint my old ones with. I sanded the old ones and painted them. They turned out really nice so I did all the other ones on my car so they would all match. The paint I used is more glossy but they matched the color well. I still have all my new bumper filler pieces stored and have the refinished ones on the cars.
Terry W.



I found a spray can that was close enough for me with the repro side pieces.
A little darker but the same sheen.
Here's one I painted after smoothing out by sanding. Has a gloss finish but I could scuff it up to make it look more original. Did the entire set to match.
Terry W.

Rear bumper Filler 2.jpg
I have one - used. Still flexible, couple minor blemishes that can be repaired, and would need to be sanded and painted as somebody in the 80's painted it black. The ends are not ratty. Let me know!
@Charger Fan

I just realized you are in FL.

I can bring mine to the Melbourne show/swap meet at the end of the month if you are interested.
I have the center filler from a 73 Charger, also the outer "L" shaped pieces as well. Located in SW Wi. though

Nope, haven't left the room. My original posting indicated I was looking for a source, as in a source for a new one. Couple places that reproduce these are out of stock waiting to get more. I was wanting to know if anyone had come across a new source I wasn't aware of. I have one on the car that's about the same condition, more or less, as the ones offered. Next time I guess I need to specify I'm looking for new.
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