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73 Roadrunner 3 speed wiper parking

Denis Arseneau

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Jun 19, 2021
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Ok, hope to get some help on this LAST problem before I can bring it for the inspection and get it on the road after 3 years of working on it. 1973 Roadrunner, three speed wiper system, motor works, repaired wiper mechanism with a NOS plate & latch kit (spring inside was broken). Have a good ground on switch and motor. All three speeds work, when I turn the switch to the off position, motor stops and reverses as it should (I think). Problem is it doesnt go to park and stop. Just keeps going like that dam rabbit. Is the switch plate positioned on the right notch? Would it be the wiper switch itself?

What are you trying to say here? This is confusing
Problem is it doesnt go to park and stop. Just keeps going like that dam rabbit.
So the switch isn't turning the wipers off? I'd suspect the switch if it's not doing it's job. Make sure the ground strap is making a good connection.
Took the wiper motor off, took it apart and inspected it. Went step by step accordingly to the manual on reassembly. With the wiper motor in place, but not hooked up to the linkage arms, it parks as should with all three speeds working. But when I hook up the linkage arms, it doesn't park anymore. Disconnect the arms again and sure enough the park works. What the hell!!!
Moved it to the switch plate just above Polara/Monaco spot. Still nothing. So after taking the motor apart several times, I noticed that the new switch cam was a little different from the old one. So I just took off the spring from the new switch cam and placed it on the old one which was broken. Wouldn't you know it. finally works with all the wiper mechanisms hooked up. So note to self, never throw out the old parts.

Is one of those latch mechs taller than the other? Can’t tell from that pic. That later style switch cover requires the taller version and was normally packaged with the switch cover conversion kit for this reason.
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