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a12 six pack

those air cleaners with the base for an A12 lift off hood, if in decent shape, sell for over $1500 by themselves, the 440-6bbl intake & carbs are about $2200-$2500 for new repop's, so the $3850 it sold for, isn't all that out of order {not that I would pay that}, that's not including any linkages or mounts etc., if you have to absolutely have the original stuff, needed for a concourse type restoration, what are you going to do ?? I saw an original 440-6bbl intake cast iron version, selling for $1100, for just the intake......... I'm really truly amazed, "maybe more like astonished", at how much $$$ people want for Mostly Old Parts And Rust... Seen others selling for much more $$$, I personally refuse to pay that kind of extortion/ransom, myself...