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A990 trunk mount battery questions

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Dec 29, 2020
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I'm hoping someone can provide a picture of were the original A990 battery cable went thru the firewall.
Also, how did they get power to the starter relay?
Also a picture or explanation of how the battery was grounded.
A picture of a original battery showing location in the trunk and how the tray was attached to the trunk floor would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance
Jim Shilds book 1965 superstocks gives a description of the whole battery and cable setup. Jim Kramer sells most of the re pop parts for A990 cars.
My SS battery is a repop. Battery tray etc is from Kramer. Battery is grounded to the body.

The cable goes through an existing hole on the firewall to a terminal block. Power for the car comes from the terminal block.
Very nice 65 Hemi! Very similar to mine.

Nice job if i do say so myself!

Battery Cable Firewall.jpg