AC Evaporators, Condenser and HeaterCore Manufacture needs help from the ones doing the installs


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Dec 14, 2022
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South Gate, CA
I have taken over the manufacturing of these classic parts for my father. I have received come feedback about how my products are doing and I want to make them better/easier for the installer. I realized our issue was thinking this whole thing was fits these years but that's not the case. I have many samples but I am having a hard time knowing when and how to sell the parts because it's not as easy on the evaps as it is with our condensers. I figured who better to ask than you guys doing the work. I downloaded a few manuals for each year and I am noticing A body, B body and C body is not the way these are categorized. In one year there are still multiple options. For example I duplicated this evap for a 1960 Fury but the part numbers are not the same and the manual does not actually specify the parts for year or body style. How can I make this easier for the customer and what the correct part is supposed to be? We have been selling evaporators and heater core with the guidance of others that have purchased parts from us. I don't want to have you all hunting around looking for the right part or having to modify parts to "make it work". I have many more pictures of parts we have duplicated and I would like to make this process easier for all parties involved. Also if there are items I should modify to make it easier to install I can make those changes as well. I will post pictures and if you all can help me either identify or let me know I have something wrong I would appreciate the assistance. I have EV5774 and EV5775 I am talking to the guys on the C-bodies only and requesting a box to make sure that that one is correct. I am assuming that the reason I am running into issues is the the 2 evaporators are not interchangeable between b and c bodies. So I will probably be needing a heater box from a B body as well.

As for the HeaterCore I thought those were finally correct as we modified those and have not had a return since 9/2021. Although I might have the applications incorrect. I am including the vpictures as well.

HC3070 I have fits: 65 66 67 68 69 70 Dodge Plymouth Chrysler A/C Dual Heater Core Coil
HC3071 I have fits: 62 63 64 65 Plymouth Dodge Fury B Body with factory air AC heater core
HC5777 I have fits: 69 70 71 72 73 Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth A/C Dual Heater Core Coil

I don't mean to bombard you all but I am sure if I can get these issues cleared up it will help all of you during install as well.
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Jun 5, 2017
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Awesome! Thank you very much for reaching out! If all the mfg's did this and made stuff here the world - or USA - would be a different place.